All-You-Can-Eat Pro Bike Racing For $30 Per Month

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If you’re like me you probably have a hard time justifying paying $100/month and on a contract with Foxtel when all you really want is to watch a bit of bike racing. Well, there’s another way to watch and record all the bike racing you want on Eurosport by getting yourself a old XBox and a $30/month Foxtel subscription. Read on to find out more…

Thank you to Anthony Seipolt, president of SKCC, for filling us in on this little secret:

In essence, you buy, borrow or steal an X-Box (old or new). You then connect your X-box to the internet; a new machine will have wifi, but the older ones are ethernet cable only.

You then sign up for an account with the Eurosport pack. The monthly payment is $30 with no termination fees or ongoing contracts. You can sign up for only the Spring Classics, terminate, then get back on board for the TdF if you wish.

You will need a beefy download allowance if you plan on watching everyday. I have 150Gb per month and this is ample for my habits, but might be stretched if I choose to watch each and every stage of the TdF.

The electronic program guide is not very reliable (both on the WWW and via the x-box). This is a downside as the times often appear to shift around without notice. I find myself booting up the machine each morning to check the timings for the day.

See full details here.

This is not a XBox or FoxTel promotion.

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