Farnese-Vini Stolen Bike! Or Forgotten?

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Matteo Rabottini (Farnese-Vini) broke away from the start of stage 15 and held the peloton off to take the biggest win of his career. With 50 kilometers remaining he needed a bike change and did so swiftly and calmly a seasoned professional. Except they forgot one thing. “Underpants Man” wins a new Cipollini…

video embedded via SBS Cycling Central facebook page

The Farnese-Vini website is reporting the bike stolen, but with only a rough Google translation it’s difficult to know what the exact situation was at the time of publishing:

Red alert for the stolen bike to Rabottini: current investigation and an appeal for the return.

THEFT OF BICYCLE – The day was topped by another event now also under the spotlight of the Farnese Vini Selle Italy: sports director Luca Scinto with the mechanical Raffaele Falzarano have witnessed a phase of stroke of Matteo Rabottini, replacing the bike. The image of the operation was broadcast on all television networks, but something has happened out of the norm, an audience that already has misappropriated the bicycle route from left to right Rabottini. When the flagship is shared, they noticed the absence, returned straight back but nothing has served to recover the vehicle. The bike is change operation, however, was reported by RAI and the staff team is retrieving images for the identification of those present. Moreover, “Every bicycle has an internal chip with which it can determine the right bike for events of this type” Luca Scinto said after arriving, ready to go to the police for its complaint.

APPEAL – The Farnese Vini Selle Italy, hoping to have a lucid moment of a spectator at the time, perhaps for the euphoria of the event or the excitement of the show, made a gesture not weighted, calls for the immediate return of the vehicle and appeals to anyone who has seen or has information about the person who stole the bike, get in touch with the team to one of the following numbers: Phone – +39 331 1989055 | email – info@farneseselleitalia.com | FB – www.facebook.com / farneseviniselleitalia | Twitter – @ farneseselleita).

I’m hearing unconfirmed reports that Underpants Man returned the bike…

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