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  • Cav is getting a little holier than thou. It’s not like he has never caused grief in a sprint.

    Sagan, 3 in a row. He looks the goods and must be a red hot fave for the green in France.

  • rob

    Never thought of Vino as ‘asian’….but i guess he technically is!

  • the podium girls in cali dont disappoint :)

  • Nigel

    Excuse my ignorance but what are the ‘other classifications’?
    – Stage Combativity:- “Fuga Pinarello”- Intermediate Sprints:- Super team:- Azzurri d’Italia:
    – Time gaps:- Fair play
    I get the Intermediate Sprints but what are the others for and how are they determined?

  • Tim

    Sagan, not Segan.

    How is the Galibier not too far into france but AdH is? It’s a simple 40km (or so) romp downhill from the Lautaret turn-off! Plus the ADH is a much better mountain top finish logistics/crowd/support vehicles etc wise than the Galibier.

    • Anonymous

       The Alpe is such an icon of the Tour, though. Just feels a bit wrong!

      • I agree – and perhaps the Tour will be back up Alpe D’Huez in 2013, as it’s usually a stage finish every year or every other year (except 2009 & 2010).  Will be good to see the Giro round here wherever the finish is though

  • binotto

    BTW, Campagnolo is in Vicenza, not Vincenzo.


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