The Jersey Project – Now available From Tour de Cure

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You might remember a few months back when I wrote about an fascinating book called “The Jersey Project”. I was lucky and snapped up a single copy the moment I saw it, but unfortunately it hasn’t been widely available in Australia. Until now…

The Tour de Cure was made aware of The Jersey Project book via this blog and consequently made contact with Bill ‘The Bike Guy’ Humphrey’s to see how to get a copy in Australia. After learning it was not available here, they thought that bringing in this book to help raise funds for the Tour de Cure was a logical choice and one Bill was excited to be involved with. Even if you already donate to other charities and don’t have a connection to cancer, if you’re interested in this fascinating book, why not buy it from the Tour de Cure? Everyone wins.

*****Buy the book here *****

Like Blazing Saddles, The Rider, Dog In A Hat, and many others, this is a book that every cycling enthusiast should have in their collection.

You can read my Jersey Project review here and check out with the InnerRing has to say about it here.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tour de Cure, they are a charity organisation who actively raises money to fund cancer projects in the following areas:

– Research projects focused to help find a cure for cancer;
– Support projects for those suffering with the journey of cancer;
– Prevention and projects focused on education and awareness.

This year the Tour de Cure have raised over $2M and for those of you who have ever been affected by this ugly disease, you’ll understand the importance of these projects and their efforts. Well done guys!

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