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  • Graham

    wiggins will not win the prologue, or the tour. 

    • jules

       it would have been interesting if GE had put Durbo in the team, who could have been in yellow after the prologue

  • Adi

    Really nice article.  Can’t wait for the Tour to start tomorrow.  Go Wiggo

  • geoff.tewierik

    Found out tonight that Wiggins is “Australian”.  His old man was born in Victoria and I went to school with his cousins.

  • I was just sent a link from photographer Richard Moran who has taken some wonderful portraits of Brian Robinson, the first British man to win a stage in the Tour De France.  I wish I could take photos like this…



  • Stevie M.

    “Like his compatriot and reformed doper, David Millar, Wiggins has been
    outspoken and instrumental in lifting the veil of secrecy that has
    characterised the professional peloton in the past.”

    Nonsense! Wiggins hero-worship of Lance Armstrong and his claims that there ‘isn’t an athlete or a cyclist out there that isn’t more tested than he is’ and that Landis, in breaking the doping omerta, speaks like a ‘mad man’ show that he as willing to adhere to the ‘veil of secrecy’ as anyone.

  • James

    Vin Denson’s autobiography is a great read. (Still the only ‘Englishman’ to win a stage of the Giro).

  • Tim

    Simpson a  balls out hellman. Dying doing what you were born to do. Poetic symmetry.

    http://tdftips.s3.amazonaws.com/posts/eu2011/ventoux/IMG_1811.jpg from http://www.velonomad.com/trips/2011-velonomad-trip-day-27-the-ventoux-3-peat/

    Hope Wiggo gets the yellow. Would be good for him. And good for Cadel. Wiggo will IMPLODE under the pressure.

    Allons y!

  • Finn Blackburn

    i have a hard time believing anybody in the tour except maybe the guy in last place is riding clean

  • Finn Blackburn

    i have a hard time believing anybody in the tour except maybe the guy in last place is riding clean

    • Justin

      Does it matter anymore? ’98 Festina affair cured me of believing in fairy tales.  Professional sport is all a sham but it remains the best sham there is. Treat it as soap opera and you’re never disappointed.

  • roshgosh

    The physical resemblance of the two riders is almost disturbing. Hope it doesn’t end the same way for Wiggins.

  • Anyone notice how much Novak Djokovic looks like Tom Simpson?

  • Steve

    ‘The defining characteristic of his riding style however, and one of the fundamental contributing factors to his death, was his willingness to push his body to levels of physical exhaustion that other riders would shy away from.’

    That’ll be the amphetamines then.

  • Ken Hillier

    maybe its me but does any one else reckon tom simpson looks like H.G.Nelson .?


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