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  • I have been contemplating an orange saddle for a while. Busyman is on the list.  :) 

    • Notso Swift

       I have it said before – you need an orange saddle Norbs
      Once you got the Tyres there was no going back

      •  I am worried it will go from a cool looking bike to a bloody clown car! I am thinking some Orange Velocity rims with white and blue spokes.  :)

  • Crossifino

    I have some bar tape made by Mick and I can say its absolutely fantastic. 

    Getting more made as we speak for another bike. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Brilliant guys. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ed

    Whilst I can appreciate the workmanship and skill that goes into creating these products (actually they are more pieces of art rather than simple products) I can not see why post graduate study is required to understand this component of the design process & what aspect of  the textile industry will benefit from the study results . This may sound offensive but I question the credibility and value of undertaking a PhD in this field compared to one in either engineering, science or medicine and no I don’t  listen to AM talkback radio. I’m sure Mick will have a lot of leather scraps to make elbow patches for his tweed jackets – compulsory academia wear.

  • I love Mick’s work, and have recently placed my first order for some lovely bar tape. He’s been a pleasure to deal with, even though we are thousands of miles from each other!

  • Notso Swift

    My wife would not understand

  • Todd!

    Absolutely love Mick’s work. He is a true gentleman and his saddles set my bikes apart from the rest.

    A link to my favorite job he has done… I’m a bit bias! http://www.cyclingtips.com.au/2012/03/nahbs-preview-baum-correto-pista/

    • Anonymous

      actually Mick had mentioned you on couple of occasions. I’m sure you must be loving your track bike as well. 

      • Todd!

         I have another special bar & saddle coming very soon from the BusyMan… Mick has always been great to deal with and I like being able to customise my bikes to be just that little bit different from the normal!

  • Bonder

    That Romin saddle is ace!!

  • Toneredd

    Got to love his work ( Art ) nice to see some one giving people something out side the square.
    Be good to see his Art at Andy Whites studio and Shifter.

  • Michal

    Now I know where to go once my current saddle cover wears out :)

  • Ken Hillier

    man,so cool to see an artisan producing quality stuff get recognised in such a niche field …magic stuff thanks wade !!!as it happens my favorite saddles are brooks and smp you beauty ! get to order the expensive one for the moots and chuck the brooks on the ancient 3rensho lucky me !!!dont forget  quality is remembered long after price is forgotten !

  • ed

    wow my comment was taken down – thats a bit of north korean censorship. as i said impressive workmanship but is this approach to design PhD material?

    • Nick

       Free speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. You made yourself look like a goose by demonstrating that you have no understanding of how much human progress has been made by studying areas that don’t seem, at first, to be obvious or traditional.

      From a translation use perspective, Mick’s field is hardly esoteric.  99.9% of us have more interaction with fabric technology, through the clothes we wear, than we ever will with the intricacies of the higgs bosun or doing CFD of supersonic airfoils.

  • IF

    Amazing work and great photos.
    BTW, the book Mick recommends is well worth adding to a list of ‘must read’ cycling books.

  • Love the saddle designs, these are so creative.


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