Team SKY Official Soundtrack – ‘Go Far’

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In this new age of cycling where teams use every scientific means to gain an edge, Team SKY have left nothing to chance and have produced some techno pop to motivate their riders and fans on the eve of the Tour. This can’t be UCI legal…

According to the media release:

“The music track has been created for Team SKY in time for the start of the 2012 Tour de France to help inspire, excite and motivate Team Sky riders ahead of the Tour. The synergies with Team Sky were immediately apparent. The Elite are 100% committed to their art and their work ethic is second to none. They want to be the best so their collaboration with Team Sky was a natural fit. To create the music Team SKY commissioned two of the UK’s hottest young producers, Z-Dot and Dan Dare who together make up The Elite along with the talents of Ollie Sloane who did the vocals on the track.”

Listen to the full song here:


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