Chasing The Tour | Stage 12

by CyclingTips

Today was another day of celebration for the Brits with David Millar taking his 4th all-time Tour victory on the 45th anniversary of Tom Simpson’s death. It’s the weekend and I’m not going to talk much about today’s stage except for a few random things that popped up today:

• Sky have gone on a PR offensive after a backlash because of Bradley Wiggins’ remarks last week regarding doping speculation. I highly suggest you have a read of what he has to say in his blog at the Guardian. Wiggins can be quite articulate when he wants to be and he massaged this one very nicely. It does strike me however that his argument for never doping is simply a risk versus reward decision. It has nothing to do with being a moral argument for a fair playing field, it being against the rules (and illegal), or for the health consequences. But that’s a whole other topic. Good on him for putting himself out there.

• Ritchie Port and Mick Rodgers reportedly had Aussies on the roadside booing at them for working against Evans. Not cool folks. Here’s what Mick had to say on twitter about it:

• Matt Goss gained 10 points on Sagan in the intermediate sprint today at Marcilloles but was relegated to 7th and penalised 30 points for impeding Sagan’s sprint. After finishing three places ahead of Sagan in the intermediate sprint Goss had looked to have reduced his deficit to 22 points but instead sees that gap stretch out now to 56 points

Have a great weekend, stay warm back in Australia, and ride safe!

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