Chasing The Tour | Stage 19 – Changing of the Guard

by CyclingTips

Team SKY dominated yet another stage of the Tour de France with three placings in the top five at the final time trial. There wasn’t the excitement, anticipation and wonder that there was in Grenoble last year, but I couldn’t help but get a lump in my throat when I saw Wiggins cross the finish line with a pump of his fist and the crowd roaring. No matter what is said about the way SKY went about winning this Tour, it was a momentous sporting achievement that I’ll always remember.

Up until now I’ve been undecided about Wiggins’ character. There’s lots I could say but I no longer sit on the fence after attending today’s press conference where we saw the human side of him and how grounded of a person he is. He spoke about what’s driven him to get here (Cadel’s victory being an inspiration), his thoughts on this being perceived as a “boring” tour, his perspectives on what it means to win the Tour, and many other things that you’ll have to listen to below (thank you to Anthony Tan for recording and posting this).

One last ceremonial stage tomorrow with the traditional finish on the Champs-Élysées. There won’t be anyone fighting it out for the points classification nor will there be any chance of the Yellow jersey changing hands. What we can look forward to however is an exciting sprint finish between Sagan, Cavendish, Goss, and Greipel and the podium ceremony that brings closure to three of my favourite weeks of the year. Viva la Tour!

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