WagWar – We Have Ourselves A Catfight!

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With the lack of drama panning out in this year’s Tour de France there’s got to be a story out there somewhere that people can latch onto. “Wag Wars” is an English Premier League-esque tabloid acronym for the “wives and girlfriends” of sports stars and the hashtag #WagWars beginning to trend on twitter. So what does this have to do with the Tour de France?

Whether any tension within SKY between Wiggins and Froome is being blown out of porportion or not I cannot say, but the spat between their partners is now public.There might be a lack of attacking on the road during this Tour, but if you pay attention to Twitter you’ll see some action there.

It all started yesterday when Bradley Wiggins’ wife failed to include Chris Froom in her congratulatory tweet after yesterday’s stage 11:

Chris Froome’s girlfriend and photojournalist Michelle Cound responded:

and a few moments later:

She also tweeted “beyond disappointed” and:

The spat received more attention when David Millar tweeted:

A few hours later, Brad Wiggins appeared to attempt to smooth things over when he singled out Froome in his tweet:

Normally I woudn’t write something as tabloid as this, but if you’re wondering where the hashtag #WAGWAR is coming from, here you have it. Maybe this is the crack in SKY’s armour that Cadel needs…

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