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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017
  • Hardo

    Hats off to the Rapha team for keeping us inspired and informed of incredible cycling locations around the world. Sure it’s brand building… but at least it’s in it’s most subtle form.

    Ain’t no stoppin’ me this time, ain’t no….. doh!

  • Christian

    Joking about some epic rides at work, me and a buddy got thinking about the Rapha team. “Lets go ride at least 250km, in the worst weather possible, with no more than 6 guys, no less than 4, in the steepest of mountain ranges in the most remote place in the world, riding steel framed bikes and wearing no less than 1000.00 worth of cycling clothing” (We’re in Canada, so this is entirely possible). Always a treat to see a new video pop up. I’d very much like to do this one day. 

  • Peter

    Great video… I hope you guys were ice bike compliant (http://www.icebike.org/) with all that Rapha gear…. I know it is sacrilege for roadies but some good cross country snow rides would be a great addition to the series… some of the Icebike journal articles are amazing… makes me want to swap skis for bikes next week for our annual Perisher ski trip… (at least from the lift to the lodge :-) ).

  • ed

    tom groggins to dead horse gap is a great climb – the first 6 are so tough (not as bad as baw baw). the ride from thredbo, dead horse gap, tom groggins, geehi and then back is an epic ride – about 100 km round trip. a few years back over easter i took off from thredbo village – it was sleeting and looking pretty nasty but the ride down tom groggins is below the tree line so well protected. once down to tom groggins i was in glorious sunshine and could see the top of the range was getting smashed by a blizzard. some others tried to ride up to charlottes that day and turned around once at about sawpit creek as they were getting smashed by the weather.

  • Anonymous

    The spirit of adventure in these films is what keeps us coming back. For me the GORC video is still one of the most beautiful and inspiring clips I’ve seen. Actually got us riding the GORC (and getting passed by Wade quite early) last year.

    As a side note – don’t feel like you need to venture all the way to the Snowys to get your dose of weather. Donna Buang is only an hour from Melbourne – and we managed a pretty epic and snowy ride up there with the Hells 500 crew a few weeks back: 

    ..something about the snow piling up like mud-gaurds which is particularly pleasing..

  • Blunt

    Really great audio mix .  To really enjoy the mountains i would suggest getting hold of Rooftop’s Maps “Snowy Mountains Central Adventure Map Cooma- Khancoban. If  you are able to get off the tarmac there are some great gravel service roads across the top. Not full on Mt bike trails but gravel service roads not open to traffic .  here is a couple of suggestions .
    Geehi Rest Area to Guthega Power Station Via Geehi Dam road (open to Traffic) then up the Schlinks Trail  to Schlinks pass and descend down to Guthega power station and on to Jyndi via the road. Or at Schlinks Pass you can turn left and go out to a few of the Alpine huts such as Valantines Hut. Plenty of other rides from Schlinks hut.
    Also a fun descent is from Thredbo up  to  Dead horse gap and then  to Cascade Hut via Bobs Ridge which can be ridden in an hour or two, the climb out is a good work out. probably need more than a CX bike to ride this fire road. We would ride this in the morning and get back at about 10am and spend the rest of the day with family freinds etc who don’t ride.
    also a good ride from Island bend to Lake Eucumbene which i have ridden a few times and i think the Mt to Beach Crew race it.
    Lots more rides through the Jagungal Wilderness. 

  • Tim

    Great vid, great motivation for the next time the weather is less than pleasant down here. As for history of cycling in the snowies, the Tour De Snowy was a stage race for women held around the region for five years back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.  Some of the competitors included Tracey Guadry and Anna Wilson, and the final race was won by none other than Judith Arndt!

  • Mark

    Cool video.  We went over dead horse gap at the start of July as a part of a ride from Corryong to Cooma, which was, in turn, part of a greater ride from Melbourne to Sydney (
    http://melb2syd.tumblr.com/post/26623003510/day-4-corryong-to-cooma ).  

    The climb up to Dead Horse Gap is pretty solid and there are a couple of ‘warm up’ climbs (700m, then 400m) before Tom Groggin.  Definitely worth the trip out there and the snow was icing on the cake.

  • Robert Merkel

    Always wanted to take a bike through there, but it’s nowhere near as convenient as Falls/Buffalo/Hotham to get to and doesn’t have quite the same variety of roads. 

    It’s a bloody long way from Sydney as well.

  • Sean Doyle

    My parents live at Dalgety and I have spent a lot of time in Canberra and the Monaro region. This one of the finest areas in Australia to ride a road bike once you get of the main highway, even that’s not too bad mid week. Watching this video makes me homesick and the mood is beautifully captured. I love the suffering you endure on a day like that. It’s more mental than physical and while it hurts at the time the satisfaction and warm glow that follows is one of the great pleasures in life.

  • a different ben

    “They’ve got gears and everything on their bikes today, don’t they?” – great line, couldn’t have scripted it.

  • Alan

    Have a look at this.


    310 km, 6700m climbing, one day.


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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017