Bikes Of The Bunch – Jeffsy’s Cipollini RB1000

by CyclingTips

In this edition of Bikes of the Bunch we get to check out my mate’s Cipollini RB1000 which just arrived straight from Italy. It isn’t just any bike though. This bike and wheels have a little backstory to it that you might find interesting.

The bike was was given by Cipollini to Mauritzio, the owner of MT Ciclo, Milan’s favorite bike shop. This was acknowledgement for Mauritzio’s role in launching the Cippolini range of bike’s in Milan where he sold 6 in the first month.

A number of the guys I ride with regularly in Australia have also bought bikes from Mauritzio and I always call in to say hello whenever I go to Italy. I had no intention of buying a bike this year until Mauritzio wheeled it out from the back room. This bike is a limited edition Italian Champion’s bike, commemorating Mario’s win in 1996.

When he offered it to me I thought he was pulling my leg. After a discussion with my bank manager and son, it was mine. Mauritzio arranged for the shipment and all the documentation for Australian customs.

The bike is not available in Australia, only in Italy (according to Cipollini in Italy). I did check the Australian Distributor website and they don’t have it as a one of their range, so hopefully it is only going to be a rare sight in Australia.

Maritzio Tuvia has had his shop since the early 90’s he only has top end machines and is on first name terms with Ernesto Colnago. Mauritzio took me to meet Ernesto last year, and he personally showed me around the factory in Milan. It’s a typical Italian bike shop – hard to find, small in size and always a meeting place for the old rider’s of Milan to come and have a chat with Mauritzio.

I bought the Lightweights from Simon Gerrans. They were the wheels he rode at the Beijing Olympics where he was allowed to ride on whatever wheel’s he wanted. Rather than the team wheels, he choose Lightweights. As Baden Cooke said, “they give a unfair advantage”. So when Simmon offered them to a group of us at a BBQ I bagged them before he finished the sentence.

The funny thing is that last year I loaned them to Matty Lloyd for the Australian National Championships. Gerro won, Matty came second on Gerro’s wheels. If it had been the reverse I might have had a bit of explaining to do.

Could this be the most bold self-made bike review ever? Only Cipo could get away with it…

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