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  • All serious, what were Phil Liggetts comments all about. Say people say on twitter he had just gotten off ‘a long flight’. Or is he just a bit innocence, shall we say, believes whatever was last think say to him.

    • Notso Swift

      Serious case of denial

    • Dr.Ferrari

      Has any of the evidience actually been put on the table for all to see yet?

    • jules

      hard to understand what Liggett stood to gain from those comments.

    • Anonymous

      He had a case of “protecting shared assets”.

    • JB

      It’s time for Phil to go – he’s part of the old school culture and is unable to recognise the damage done by doping. This is not the first time, his general response is always, tut tut naughty boys. It’s not good enough.

    • JB

      It’s time for Phil to go – he’s part of the old school culture and is unable to recognise the damage done by doping. This is not the first time, his general response is always, tut tut naughty boys. It’s not good enough.

  • Notso Swift

    I think the move of the Sun Tour is great, but cant help thinking it should have been later and closer to the TDU, I guess Nationals hurt that.
    But then again I also think TDU should be a week later anyway to close the gap to the ASO run middle eastern events and while we are at it there should be a 1 day World Tour event in Australia to encourage more top teams to say for a block
    But I guess the UCI rep for Oceania knows best

    • Abdu

      The UCI ‘rep’ for Oceania is Mike Turtur, who happens to also run the Tour Down Under.

      What are you suggesting…?

      • Notso Swift

        They (organisers) tried to move it to February a couple of years ago – after the TDU – it was supported by every one from CA and CV, sponsors, domestic teams, international teams and riders, the only opposition was the UCI… make of that what you will

  • BikeventsBruce

    Woohoo! H-S Tour in January! Not sure if I’ll bother with TDU now. (Are you reading this Mike Turtur?)

  • Iggyvelo

    real shame about the Suntour. 3.5 days of racing.What a joke. The organisers should not have the right to call the race the Suntour after its rich history .It should be called the Softtour. Softism has well and truely arrived

    • Me

      Should have at least used the 1-in-20 for the TT. If they wanted to stay in Williamstown to lever off the Bay Crits why not combine the events into a 6 day event? If they want crowds use Beach Rd not Williamstown.

      • Abdu

        Tell you what, instead of whining about it, how about you guys organise the Suntour for the last 20 years, the Bat Crits and maybe a fair bit of the Worlds in Geelong? Hell, you could even start by just volunteering at your club race for once…

  • Andrew

    Was that a fridge in the background of lance’s photo?

    • Abdu

      Dunno, but that is the real “look”…

  • Date change is good (well for me anyway), but now 3 1/2 days long and no longer UCI race (will World Tour teams be able to race?). It seems it has to be water down to fair bit.

    • Robert Merkel

      Teams couldn’t, officially (though the UCI managed to look the other way at the Bay Crits when GreenEdge was competing).

      We could see individual WT riders guesting for teams, I suppose.

      I sincerely hope they get some international riders competing one way or the other, otherwise it’s an out-of-season NRS race.

  • mouse

    Also worth noting local boy Steele von Hoff’s 6th place in Stage 1 of the World Port’s Classic World Tour race.
    Pretty impressive result for a stagiare.

  • LesRevenants

    “Contador launched a string of attacks on Monday in the stage finish up the Lagos de Covadonga climb” – I think that was Sunday’s stage. Monday ended on CuituNegru. Still, they pretty much blended into each other….

  • Chadwick

    CT when you post blogs and put quotes in can you please reference the article or web page you got them from. Its been bugging me for awhile. You cant just put quotation marks around sentences without letting us know where you got it from or else it looks like your making it up. Just my 2cents though.

    • Hi Chadwick, “Le Grimpeur” who writes the News Shorts is a professional cycling journalist based in Europe. Many of the quotes are referenced in accordance with the rules of “fair usage”. All quotes that are not referenced were obtained by this journalist directly (via press conferences and personal or group interviews).

      We decided to keep Le Grimpeur anonymous because it is a departure from his regular style and I wanted him to keep things fairly lighthearted.

  • jorg

    Nocentini was done for EPO and dropped from Mapei. anyways

  • Abdu

    Gold medal for Gallagher, DQ for the commentator. She was terrible…embarrassing even. I feel bad that he’s going to have the clip to watch and forever hear the wort sporting commentator since Daryl Eastlake.

  • Timmy

    What an absolute joy is that Danny MacAskill video! Such beautiful, beautiful riding; a decent soundtrack, and Danny himself sounds as modest as he is a genius. Pure gold.

  • Anonymous

    Danny MacAskill (also known as ‘Danny MegaSkill’) is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He is a unprofessional one. I like him


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