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On a whim my mates Matt and Dom and myself decided to fly off to Vegas for Interbike. It seems that most of the Australian bike industry is here and it’s a fantastic disguise as a legitimate business trip. I wish I had known about this years ago!

What will we be doing here? Well, there’ll be a plethora of new bikes, accessories, and gadgets to showcase, as well as test rides, Cross Vegas, and if I can score a bike I might even have a crack at Viva Bike Vegas Gran Fondo. And of course the expected debauchery in-between events.

Seeing as the World Champs is also conveniently going on at the same time and I’m in a much more agreeable timezone to be watching, I’ll be putting some chips on Gilbert, Sagan, Gerro and Valverde for the Road Race, and of course Tiffany Cromwell and Mariana Vos for the womens’s Road Race. I’ll only be covering the headline events whenever I get a free moment, so I apologise in advance for the light coverage.

Feel free to make any requests for anything you want us to look into and of course any recommendations on the best nightclubs are also welcome!

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