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  • Mars

    Too good by far!

    Tks, think I will take my vintage roadie out.

  • CTech

    I think I’d try to find a De Rosa from the mid-70s or early 80s for this ride and though it would be daunting, I’d use tubulars, 25 or 28s perhaps. Sorry, my history is not that good, but I’m guessing a bike from that era would be 5 or 6 speed, 52/42 at the front? Thanks for sharing the story Grubers, very inspiring stuff.

    •  I started racing in 1986. 52/42 and 12-21 7speed. 12,13,14,15,17,19,21

      • mouse

        Me in 1983.  I was a junior and so was restricted to 50/42 and 6 speed on the back; 14,15,16,17,19,21.
        Had Super Record with Regina CX freewheel on the back.
        Was happy a year or so later when 7 speed came out.

    • Notso Swift

      Def 52/42 but I had Suntour Superbe Pro 7 speed in 87 or 88, and I was a student

      What else, Wienmann box section rims, 36 hole, of course, the “hot” saddle was the Turbo and Reynolds 531c was king – 753 was a pro race day bike, not for normal riding. (I only had Tange2)

      In 90 I got a Cecil Walker in 531P with Athena, and it was still on down tube shifters, though at least it was indexed, when the old bike was friction. Cost just under $1000 custom made

      • Andrew Aumuller

        Wow, I had the same however had a custom made Paconi 531c with the ubiqutis air brushing. Mavic GL330’s (32 hole) with Clement silks that were $100 a pop is 85-86 – I was one year out of high school. So long ago :(

        • Notso Swift

          Super sweet! I had metallic white (these days they would call it pearl) with half chrome fork and stays
          Wish I still had it but it was written off by a car in late 93, didn’t ride again until 10 years and 20 kg later!

  • Pete

    Pure awesome. I love the photo at the top with the lantern on the front. 

  • Wow such amazing photos, I love it and the old bikes as well, fantastic. Thanks for the post. truely awesome. I had smile on my face at my desk.

    Makes me want to go and buy an old Peugeot jersey right now and invest in a old school roadie with some toe clips etc. 

  • Steel

    Looks like a blast. But no one looks like they sit on their machines comfortably. Is bike geometry just a million times better these days, or am I missing something?

    • Sean Doyle

      I’d disagree. I reckon they all look way more comfortable than most of the abominations I see out on the roads today.  Most stuff these days is based on crit based goemetries positions etc. which don’t make for great road bikes.

      • Steel

        Yeah fair enough, I’ve never really ridden one of them to know what it’s all about (only got a half decent road bike 6 years ago), so I’ll acknowledge your superior wisdom on the matter. 

        But I know my glutes/lower back wouldn’t forgive me if I had to reach with my forearms like these blokes seem to manage.

  • Hubbard

    Probably your best post ever! Love it!

  • I’d love to have a go at this but unfortunately I can’t grow a very good moustache.

  • Notso Swift

    I still have my Factory Pilots at home
    … can’t wear them any more because I need glasses!

  • This article pretty much wins the internet today. Really well written…and the photos are sensational. Great work and thanks a lot!

    • nick

      hahaha… wins the internet. love it

  • JM

    So good. Bucket list.

  • Looks like a great day out. Funny seeing the Brooks saddle and Carradice bag in the photos though – you can buy both of those brand new. (And they’re still great products.)

  • GlacialSpeed

    Great nostalgic post. Wish I kept my old Christoff or Vitus and knitted tops after looking at that (if at least to look at).  In 84 we were still using leather soled shoes and tacked-on cleats (they were horrible, particulalry when they got wet). Seemed little changed in bikes for about 30 years.

  • FANTASTIC photos! Very typical of the area, makes me want to go back!

    205km on the Strade Bianche would be a KILLER, but so much fun!

  • AdrianG

    Well written and brilliant photos as always Jered. Makes we wanna go out and ride the starde bianche.

  • Big Orange Fellow

    Buone foto
    Yes best day on a bike maybe ever
    86 Tommasini w record 52 x 39 6 speed 13-24   http://app.strava.com/rides/24304711

  • Some stunning photographs which takes you back in time. Tip of hat to all the riders of L’Eroica, a special race indeed.

    Once again, the photos are simply too good.

  • CapoGrouppo

    This is a ride I WILL do one day, my resto on a 1962 Legnano is nearly complete and then it’s just down to me being ready. Anyone want to come along in 2014 or 2015? Io parlo italiano and i’m an experienced tour guide so should be able to make it a grand tour- pun intended

  • CapoGrouppo

    PS – anyone got and old woollen “FORD’ racing jersey they’d like to sell?

  • Mec’Azur

    Great photos and write up Jered! We were there with our H-Van (Citroen Tube HY) selling vintage parts and clothing, we had a wonderful time!

  • Fantastic photos!  Pity about your ill-timed malaise…  I did the 75km last year and did the 205km this year.  And, yes, you may have witnessed it, but you are missing out on an inside joke until you’ve done it yourself.  The best ride in the world.  Anywhere, full stop.

  • Km

    Are you allowed to not be white and ride this?

  • D.

    Just goes to show that the compulsory helmet rule has ruined Pro cycling as much as doping has. 

    Ashley and Jered are THE future of this stuff.  If we ever get either on a moto, Watson is finished.  Cor Vos, no way, but Graham is as overstayed as Phil L.

    • jimmyk

      but inlike doping the helmet rule has prob saved careers rather than ruined them….

  • I was there on Sunday and, yes, it was the best damn cycling day of my life!

  • Gianfranco

     Fantastic, i hope to meet you next year!
    I was there on saturday, 2013 i will be there all the week-end for a big shooting!

  • This video via @fyxomatosis and @OnevFoto is pretty spectacular as well.

  • Blown away by all the kind words and support from everyone – thank you so much – really looking forward to riding my first L’Eroica next year as well as many more projects with CyclingTips. 

    • Gerard

      I did the 75k and it was spectacular, but really hard, especially the hills on the last 30k- I think if I can lose 10 kilos maybe I will try the 135k next year!

  • No

    Quite a few Garmin 500s in one of the pics.

  • Heather N

    Fantastic article and great photos.  Just one little comment though – you failed to mention that a rider from good old Brisbane, Queensland namely Brad Nightingale was the FIRST RIDER HOME!!!!! (7 Hours).  Brad supported by his wife had planned this for the last 18 months and has been seen on many occassions riding his 1983 Gazelle around Brisbane and surrounds.  Well done Brad.

    • Tadek R

      Rumour has it that white gravel was laid on the Goat Track for Brad to replicate conditions!

    • Michiel

      I did the 205 K…best day on the bike ever :) 

      In 7 hours  is really fast, but somehow not te be mentioned…this day is not about time or getting their first.. So I think the pictures and the article represents this special day wel..

      Still well done Brad indeed !

  • Giordano

    ok…bellissime…un abbraccio dall’Italia….Giordano

  • You don’t need to go to Italy to enjoy the pleasures of riding the strade bianche – in Adelaide we just ran our second (modestly successful) annual  H’Eroica through the strade bianche of the Adelaide Hills from Norton Summit to Lenswood and return. We hit grades approaching 28% on the now infamous Blockers Rd, and our pitstop was Yangoora Estate where we indulged in pizza and quite a few glasses of red (which made the return leg interesting) overlooking the picturesque vineyards.

    I am floating the idea of an Adelaide version of Monte Paschi Strade Bianche on the same weekend in March next year – 80 to 100km on mainly gravel roads. Should be epic if I can pull it off!


  • AndyMac

    Awesome and poetic account, not to mention great, great photos. Thanks.

    Plotting to attend next year…..

    I also have a plug for our local event, here in Noosa. The Noosa Eroica.
    We ran the second edition in July this year.

  • AndyMac

    Awesome and poetic account, not to mention great, great photos. Thanks.

    Plotting to attend next year…..

    I also have a plug for our local event, here in Noosa. The Noosa Eroica.
    We ran the second edition in July this year.

  • Love those vintage gloves and handle bars. love the scenery so beautiful  


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