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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
  • Great post Wade. I have 2 weeks off over Xmas and NY and really want to get down to the Victorian Alps from Sydney to give some of these climbs a go, however no doubt it will be busy that time of year.

    • Ed

      Just go to Bright, maybe sneak across to Mansfield to do Buller. Baw Baw is a couple hours east of Melbourne

    • jules

      base yourself in bright.
      day 1 – ride up falls (which means climbing both sides of tawonga gap, unless you stay in mt beauty)
      day 2 – ride up hotham, then down to omeo, then back up the other side (it’s gentler) to dinner plain, then descend down to bright again.
      day 3 – ride up buffalo.

      the others you’ll have to do individually. buller would be the most accessible, the rest are more melbourne-based.

      • Cheers guys, really useful information much appreciated.

        Wade you mentioned there was stuff for Mrs CT to do, can you enlighten as to what specifically?

        • I’d ride in the morning at about 8:30am, so we had time for breakfast together (which is rare). Then I’d ride for 4hrs (about an hour later than I’d promise), but going to Boynton’s more than made up for it. Easy to spend 3-4hrs there. Then going to the Snowline and taking in some music was a hit with her. Lots of shops in Bright to keep her happy while I rode as well. 

        • jules

          for fine dining, simone’s and villa gusto should keep your lady happy. dinner for 2 at either will cost you about a decent pair of cycling shoes, but no point having those if you can’t get out on them :)

          • Notso Swift

            I go to the North East and King Valley about 10 times a year, but I never take my bike – always a Knife and Fork!
            In Beechworth friends use to own Wardens, and Provenance is one of the best in country bar none, Dal Zottos in Whitfield, the Pub in Stanley and Casa Luna in Myhree YUM!

      • While it doesn’t get you an additional 7 peaks stamp, the hardest climb in the Bright/Mount Beauty area is actually the “Back-of-Falls” climb (last climb of the day in the 3 Peaks).  If you’re a good climber and looking for a real challenge this is the one to do. 

        From Bright, it’s probably a bit far by bike (an out-and-back ride is nearly 200km, and the only other way is the full 235 km 3 peaks loop), but you could take the car to Falls Creek, and ride down to the bottom of the climb.  Much more challenging than Buller, and a much shorter additional trip.

        If you have time, it’s worth having a pootle along the section of the Omeo Highway at the bottom of the descent, an amazingly scenic road.  See CT’s post on the 3 Peaks route for more details.

        • Yeah not so fussed about the 7 Peaks bit, just want to ride the climbs down there. So that is definitely on the cards as well.

  • Ed

    Buffalo is the best, Baw Baw is just nasty. Its a hike to get down to Bright from Sydney but well worth it as the riding, quiet roads, fresh air, good wine & great food are well worth it.

    And yes the road at the top of Buffalo past the chalet to the Tski areas is great

  • Chris

    Very jealous. Although the weather has been great, grinding along the streets of Toronto in the fall is less than ideal. I’ll be dreaming of rides like this. 

  • jules

    snagging those 7 peaks isn’t easy as they’ve placed them in different directions to the routes taken by the ACE and 3 peaks rides… hmm.. scott foil… tempting..

  • mattb

    Do you need to use the paper 7 peaks passport this year?  I had the app last year and it doesn’t seem to have been replaced or updated..

  • asmc

    Yes you do need to use the passport for stamps this year, the app has had issues so they stopped using it. 

  • lekoshe

    Don’t overlook that the “Domestique Series” is a joint collaboration between The Climbing Cyclist and the Hells 500 crew, we love them both.

    • The Climbing Cyclist

      Thanks Lekoshe! Yep, you’re right – it’s a joint project. :)

  • Hells500

    We’re taking on Baw Baw this Sunday.. and it’s looking like we’ll have the biggest group on the mountain outside of the Classic. The deal with the 7 Peaks Domestique Series is simple – if you commit to riding them, we’ll get you through it*

    *and supply a shoulder to cry on 

  • The Climbing Cyclist

    For anyone’s that interested, we’ve got ride #2 in our 7 Peaks Domestique Series this Sunday: Mt. Baw Baw. All welcome! https://www.facebook.com/events/395693023835189/

  • Echidna_sg

    making me homesick ya barstewards!


  • Ireallydiddoit

    Not sure how long the 7 peaks has been running but a couple of years ago (Maybe 2 or 3) we had received our passport in the mail and thought we would takle them over the next couple of months. 

    Only problem was it was never clear where to actually get your passport stamped, and for example Mt Baw Baw guys really had no idea what was going on ….. hope things are much clearer now and people are able to get the passports stamped ? 

    • Timbo

      We rode Baw Baw two weeks ago and they certainly knew about it at the cafe up there. They had extra passports available and got us to sign a sheet to indicate we’d been there (as well as stamping our passport) – there were about 5 signatures at that stage. They were very happy to see us and very welcoming!

      • Ireallydiddoit

        thats great to hear Timbo :) … im sure it was very new concept when we did it so everyone was just getting used to it 

  • GlennR

    I checked Strava for your Mansfield descent time but couldn’t find it.
    The top time is 15m26s which is an average of 54.9km/h – is this competitive to Gerros or other pros?

    I climbed Buller at the end of last summer and as I was getting ready at the base a policeman stopped in the car park and warned me of the dangers of coming down and asked if I was experienced in the alpine country. Obviously there have been some bad incidents on the sharp corners near the top. Great descent – much more enjoyable than Hotham or Baw Baw IMO.

    • The guy with the top time is a Melbourne-based A grader who is lightning quick up or down a hill.  That said, Gerro would undoubtedly be quicker if he was really pushing, particularly as he knows the climb so well. 

      • GlennR

        I’d give it a go :-) but as long as you use the racing principle of slow in, fast out and are always aware of your own limits.

    • Peter B

      Good call. I went to a party in June this year. Met a guy in a neck brace drinking through a straw. Apparently he came off going down Mt Buller at  70+kmh. I say apparently as he was in a coma for a week and can’t remember the ‘event’. Stay safe people!

    • I was carrying my garmin in my back pocket but it somehow turned off at the park gates.  We did get a 3rd place in the Mansfield to Merrijig segment though ;-)

      I think our descent time was somewhere around 13mins. I’ll post the video shortly.http://app.strava.com/activities/27917623

  • lefthandside

    Those are all fantastic climbs. Love the descent down Buffalo! CT this is slightly off topic but since you mention your gear ratio and your new bike for tour of bright I thought I’d ask – were you tempted to keep the Osymetric rings for TOB? Do you still use them? I ended up with a set to try to see if they did reduce strain on knees and hamstrings and I’m trying to work out whether it’ll be better to have a lower bottom gear (a 38 tooth chainring) or to stick with the 42 tooth osymetric ring. I know you can’t help with my own requirements, but for these hills is this a choice you were weighing up at all?

    • I would love to keep the Osymetrics for the TOB, but they’re a pain in the butt to install and get the shifting right. I have them on my other bike but I still can’t get into little ring (and I’m certain I’ll need it). I’d say the 42t Osymetric is good, but make sure you have a 28t at the back.

      • Kym

        I recently spent 4 days in Bright for the first time and used Rotor’s 53/39 equivalent and a 12-27 cassette. Being a 76kg bloke I actually found these ratios perfect. The lack of strain on knees/hammies is definitely noticeable and whilst agree O-Symmetrics would be better I think the Rotor’s relative lack of maintenance makes them a decent ‘real world’ accessory for that type of country and riding in general.

        Wish I was back there right now… *sigh*

  • lefthandside

    What? Surely someone like you can just big dog up the Meg! aha thanks for the reply. 

    Incidentally I’ve had no probs with the shifting on my ultegra setup, definitely the 28t – gets me up inverness road fine, hotham’s like, just 28km longer than that ;) i’ve got to say i was a little jealous of a mate up the last km of donna buang a few weeks ago, when he had a couple of spare gears to drop into on his compact, but hey you’ve still got to push the pedalsi reckon the 36:52 would be perfect – those specialized carbon cranks look great too

  • Sean Doyle

    Those socks. My eyes.

    Most beautiful part of the world I have ever been to (which is that much). So badly want to live down there.


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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017