Firefly is a small handmade bicycle company out of Boston started by Tyler Evans and Jamie Mederios who were former employees of Independent Fabrication Bikes (who make awesome frames in their own right). Their stainless and titanium bikes are beautiful, and combined with Shifter Dan (Shifter Bikes) and Andy White’s (Fyxomatosis) expertise in making this project happen, a work of art came together.

The owner of this machine is fortunate enough to have the means to take on these custom bike builds, and the idea here was to build something with a polished theme. There are a few carbon components, but this wasn’t meant to be a weight weenie project. Most of the components were chosen were alloy so they could be polished, with other small touches around the bike that matched and highlighted some of the features. The owner has gone through the journey of lightweight bike builds with carbon anywhere and everywhere, but has come full circle to feel and functionality. This one just happens to be stunning at the same time. Enjoy.