Melbourne Cup Roadtrip

by CyclingTips

Many cyclists in Victoria often take the opportunity to use Melbourne Cup long weekend to head out of town for a short holiday and get some riding in. A small group of us decided to do something a little different for five days and hit some of the best roads between Adelaide and Sydney. Too many coffees in the morning, copious amounts of junk food during the day, smashing your mates (and getting smashed), and too many parmas and beers at the local pubs in the evenings. Precisely what a roadtrip is all about…

We packed lightly and flew to Adelaide to begin the ride. A couple mates supported us by driving the cars, doing the grocery shopping, checking into the hotels, and everything else in-between. There are quicker ways to get to Sydney from Adelaide, but this roadtrip wasn’t about getting from point A to point B. We didn’t ride the entire way from Adelaide to Sydney, but rather cherry picked some of the best roads along the route to discover some of the areas we’ve always heard about and wanted to ride. Adelaide to Sydney is about 1900kms, but we’ll have only done 900 of that.

You don’t need to go all the way to Europe to find some spectacular riding. Australia has some of the most beautiful riding I’ve ever experienced and we got to see even more of it this week. Many of the best roads we cycled are within a short drive or ride from where many of us live. The Adelaide hills were just magic. The town of Strathalbyne was stunning. The Coorong Salt Flats along the Murray were alien. Riding into the seaside town of Robe was one of the highlights. The Grampians reminded me that I need to visit there far more often. The Victorian Alps lived up to being one of my favorite places in the world. The biggest surprise was the road Benambra-Cooryong Rd from Omeo to Cooryong. There was about 60kms of gravel but it was well maintained and through some of the most increadible and remote countryside I’ve seen in Australia. Cooryong to Tumut is equally spectcular. As I write this we haven’t quite finished the ride, but I have more than enough photos to show off what we’ve done so far.

This roadtrip didn’t have a higher purpose such as raising money or awareness for charity. It was simply a few mates setting out to ride some of the roads less travelled, smash each other when the opportunity arised, and do something slightly different than we’d usually do on Melbourne Cup long weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did ours.

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