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If you want to see the completion of a documentary which gives inside look at Japanese Keirin racing and culture, check out what these filmmakers are putting together with Shane Perkins. They’ve kicked off a crowd-funding program to help raise money for the second half of this two-part series. Have a look, and if you’re interested the link to donate is at the bottom of the post. I’m confident they’ll surpass their goal and I’m looking forward to seeing this inside the world of Keirin racing which most of us know very little about.

About the project

We are making an online documentary series of 6 episodes that will be published in 2013. It’s called Ryokou/Journey. It’s about an Australian track cyclist named Shane Perkins. The series charts Shane’s journey, from prodigy to outcast, to world’s fastest and Olympic Bronze medalist, to moving his family to Japan, and the training, racing and prize money that keeps him going. Each episode will be approximately 3-5minutes in length. We also hope to make a documentary film, so it can win film festivals around the world.

When did this all start ?

We met Shane in Adelaide in January, 2012. He told us that he would be travelling to Japan to compete in the keirin – a bicycle race running since the end of the Second World War. He’s been twice before. We decided to follow him this trip, and during production, realised that there was more to this story off the bike than on it.


Shane has a story to tell. A story of having a gift and using it, but also of the inherent challenges it brings in the spotlight of the sport. A story of a patriot who just wants to represent his country and provide for his family. A story of hitting the crossroads, questioning everything he’s done, and being saved by a letter from a foreign land…

Who are we

This project is a collaboration between Projucer, a Sydney based, independent new media house, and emerging film and television Director, El Davros. Projucer’s work is about devising and making engaging, thought provoking content that is often focused on the untold stories in sport. Previous examples of our work can be viewed in the links below. El Davros has worked closely with Projucer on both these examples, and his other work can also be viewed below.

Why we’re crowd funding

As Producers, it’s Matty and Josh’s role (see the video at the top) to secure funding for ideas and projects. But it’s a hard gig to be two blokes off the street knocking on the doors of agencies and brands to try and get meetings. An interesting world is emerging where anyone can produce content, and everyone has a story to tell. But if your name’s not Don Draper it’s hard to get agencies to collaborate with you, and it’s equally hard to secure any funding from brands whose allocated budgets make no allowance for opportune projects.

This is why we’re crowd funding.

6 months ago, we contacted all of Shane’s sponsors to help us with this project. Onitsuka Tiger, Jayco, Subaru, Musashi, Oakley and others. Of these only Onitsuka Tiger (LEGENDS) provided a significant investment to help start the project. Jayco provided a van for us to get down to Adelaide and back (WHICH WAS AWESOME), and recently Oakley looks set to provide some sunglasses for a certain donor level (THANKS OAKLEY. REVEALED SOON).

The cash Onitsuka Tiger provided covered related production expenses pertaining to Part one of this project in Japan in September this year. Their funding period is complete. So now, similarly to part one, we require another injection of funds to cover this second trip, or part two as it’s romantically called.

And this is why we’re using crowdfunding. It’s our hope that people will get behind this project, love the many rewards that we’re offering, and help support the making of this series.

What does your money go towards?

Financially, this project has been broken up into 2 parts. Part one is complete. Part two is where you come in. It is worth noting that no member of the production team will be taking professional fees for their work in part one or two of this project. We are passionate about this story. We just need your assistance to tell it.

Part one was a trip to Adelaide to film & work with Shane prior to his Japanese departure, and then following that, a trip to Japan for 2 weeks which chartered and documented his movements while training in the Japanese Keirin School, moving into his apartment in suburban South-Western Japan, and his first Keirin meet of the 2012/13 season in southern coastal township of Kochi. This part was completed in August/September of 2012. You can see results in our BLOG (link at the bottom).

Part two is our swansong. We are going back to Japan from December 2-14, 2012 to continue to chart Shane’s progress as a way to tell his story holistically. We will also delve further into Keirin racing, its culture and place in Shane’s career. His wife and young family have now relocated to Japan for a short time and he has raced in a couple more Keirin meets with good success. We will document another of Shane’s race meets, this time in the north west area of Omiya. We will also spend time in Tokyo interviewing representatives of the Japanese Keirin Association, who are supportive of this project and wish for keirin racing to be shared with an Australian audience due to Shane’s passion for it, and success in it.

Our target is modest. It’s $5,000AUD. Projucer will use your contributions to cover the remaining production costs of the compact 3-person production team for return flights, local accommodation and planned production expenses (food/transit/equipment) while in production for part two of this project.

So that’s that. We sincerely thankyou for your support and we’re super excited to share this project with you.

If you wish to make a donation to show your support for this project then follow this link to Projucer’s Crowd Sourcing page.


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