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It’s been a fantastic year and one of the most popular ongoing posts has been “Bikes of the Bunch”. This began by me simply taking some snaps of a mate’s customised Venge on a day where I wanted to get out a quick and easy post. It proved to be a hit and I’m excited to keep it going in 2013. But first, let’s vote in the winner for 2012…

Below is a gallery of all the bikes that have been showcased this year. Each of them are vastly different and then only common thread is that they’re all unique and something you won’t necessarily see on the showroom floor.

I never set out for this to be a competition and none of these owners really need any prize that I can offer. You can’t buy class however and what I can offer for the bike that gets the most votes in the comments is a custom headcap from Fetha Custom Components saying “Bike of the Bunch 2012” with a choice of your color. Something like:

The bike with the most votes will receive a custom head-cap from Fetha Custom Components


Tell me your favorite 2012 Bike of the Bunch in the comments below and I’ll tally the votes on Dec 26 to announce the winner. Thank you to everyone who showed an interest in getting their bike showecased this year. I’m optimistic that 2013 will be even better!

1. CyclingTips – Spare Parts

I inherited this broken Condor frame from the 2009 Sun Tour when Ben Greenwood (Rapha-Condor) crashed it in stage 2. After letting it collect dust for two years I finally had it fixed (Luescher Teknik) and painted (Sun Graphics). I also noticed that I had enough spare parts kicking around to build up a pretty nice full bike. In the end it cost me only a few hundred dollars and a few favours from friends. Major components: Repaired Condor frame, 3T seatpost, bar and stem, Shimano Di2 groupset, ENVE Wheels.


2. Fyxomatosis 7-11 Merckx

Andy White from fyxomatosis restored this beautiful Columbus SL Merckx frame with Shimano 7s SIS Dura-Ace 7400 and Cinelli bars and stem. Photograph courtesy of Fyxomatosis/Andy White


3. CYFAC Absolu

This relatively obscure Cyfac is owned by Artisan Cycles in Melbourne. A classy mixture of Shimano Di2 with internal battery, EE-Cycleworks brakes, and Dash Carbon AX-Lightness SRT-42 wheel set.


4. BMC SL401 Team Machine

This bike was primarily shot to showcase the new SRAM Red when it was first released earlier in the year, but it's a beautiful put together machine. It was quite unique at the time of these photos


5. Gellie Custom Travel Bike

Now this is a bike that anyone who travels could use. It's a good solid build with SRAM Force and the S&S couplers means that it can fold apart and be put in something the size of a suitcase. Photograph courtesy of Anthony Reeckman.


6. Stoemper

A simple and elegant bike which you won't see many of in Australia. It's good to see that framebuilders are still doing good work with aluminium. Major Components:Ambrosia 32h box-section tubular rims with C-4 hubs, ENVE fork, Shimano Dura-ace, and FSA bars, stem, seatpost and crankset.


7. Baum Corretto Pista

The most traffic I've had on this blog all year comes from this one bike. It was showcased at NAHBS and the owner sent me some photos just a few days before. What a beauty. Major Components:Campagnolo Pista cranks, Lightweight wheelset, custom saddle and bartape by Busyman Bicycles


8. Cipollini RB 1000

This bike belongs to a good mate of mine and I just had to photograph it. He basically wanted to rub it in to another mate of ours (who has bought a new Cipollini since). Major Components:Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset, Lightweight wheelset.


9. Legend Queen

One morning I woke up to some photos of this bike I had never heard of before. It was an easy decision to post this one and it received a lot of praise. Major Components:Campagnolo Super Record groupset, Lightweight Obermayer, THM Clavicula Crank with Superlight Chain Rings. Photograph courtesy of Adrian Goh.


10. Stainless Steel FireFly

What can I say about this bike but WOW! Major Components: Stainless steel frame, Campagnolo Super Record groupset (with Athena rear derailleur to maintain the stainless steel look), Cannondale Hollowgram SI SL cranks, Enve Wheels with C4 hubs and Rotor Ring chainrings.


11. Baum La Gazzetta Correto

There have been a three Baums featured in 2012 and I chose two to post here. This one couldn't be ignored. Amazing detail within the paintjob while keeping Baums graphics and branding. Major Components: Titanium frame, SRAM Red groupset & Enve wheelset & Busyman Bicycles Bartape and Saddle.


12. Passoni Titanio Puro

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going for a ride with the owner of Passoni here in Melbourne. He told me about the family history and reluctantly let me photograph his personal bike which has nearly been all around the world at this point. I think it has pulled up pretty well for all it has been through this year. Major Components: Titanium frame, Campagnolo Super Record, Custom Cineli Ram Project handlebars.


13. Specialized Venge

This was the bike where Bikes of the Bunch all began. A perfectly assembled and customised Venge with internal Di2 battery. Major Components: Shimano Di2 groupset, Quark Power Meter for S-Works Crank, Lightweight wheelset

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