A Look Back at 2012, And What To Expect in 2013

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It’s been an exciting year for CyclingTips and when I look back at 2012 it’s been full of unforgettable experiences. But thinking ahead to 2013 is what really gets me pumped…

As things continue to grow, more peripheral things tend to pop up and sidetrack me from producing the content I so much enjoy (as well as riding my bike). But this has been a good thing. It’s forced me to be more disciplined and plan better for upcoming posts.

I’m not sure what it looks like from the outside, but 2012 has been a “maintenance year” for this blog. I wake up, publish a post, and get out the door to my dayjob as quickly as I can. I look back at 2011 when I wasn’t nearly as busy as I am now, and I can say that I was truly proud of the content published here (mine and my contributors). Content was the only thing I had to focus on. However, I’ve had the help of some incredible people in 2012 who created some interesting and engaging content and I can’t thank them enough for their help. You know who you are and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s a list of things in 2012 that I felt worked well, didn’t work so well, and what you can expect to see in 2013.


The great thing about the internet is that things move so quickly that whenever I totally bomb a post, there’s always tomorrow to make up for it. And there have been lots of bombs. I tried a few things out in 2012 which I had high hopes for but they didn’t work out so well.

I’ve always wanted to keep things local but unfortunately many topics don’t seem to be as interesting as I’d hope (or maybe I don’t make them interesting?). I tried out a “Weekly Rundown” which talked about all the club racing, Gran Fondos, events, and news snippets that happened in the local scene over the weekend. I had the help from people all over Australia contributing to this but unfortunately it took me about 6-8hrs to put it all together. This didn’t seem worth the effort with only a few hundred people reading…

Local results didn’t work out very well either. Only a small amount of people looked at them and more than anything, they were too difficult to maintain. Chasing clubs to submit their results (thank you to the clubs who did submit regularly) and results arriving in various formats that needed to be tidied up. I’ll continue maintaining results for larger races, but unfortunately I’ll have to do away with club results. I will however try to continue to provide NRS coverage the best I can if I’m able to drum up support. I think this is something worth investing in.

Weekly News Shorts. I’m still undecided about this. Personally, I love them. It’s a great way to glance over what’s going on in the world of cycling without making a big deal about all these minor headlines. The amount of people who read these is pretty good, but I’ve heard mixed feedback. Maybe twice a week would be better? I never want to get into the business of chasing the news, but news is always worth talking about.


Bikes of the Bunch.

CTech Product Picks.

New interactive format for Product Reviews.

Photo of the Day. (I’m still looking for more high quality reader-submitted photos though)


The Secret Pro. (new)

The Bike Lane videocast series. (new)

Ask Koen de Kort. (new)

Training tips by Kelly Cycle Coaching (Bob and Hellen Kelly). (new)

More Nutritional articles and advice by Alan McCubbin.

More Bikes of the Bunch.

More product reviews.

More interviews with industry experts, journalists, and pro riders (with audio or video option whenever possible).

More race coverage with outstanding photography by Veeral Patel, Jered & Ashley Gruber, Kristof Ramon and many others.


This site started out with me posting a “cycling tip of the day.” It was simple, something I knew a lot about, and it seemed to fill a need. I’ve pretty much written everything I have to say about the tips and now rely on outside perspectives and opinions to deliver credible information to you. I don’t want this to turn a blog full of gimmicky articles on how to lose weight quick nor do I want to pass on old wives tales. I’ll still continue to post the tips whenever something good comes along, but it’s no longer the center topic and there’s so much else to talk about. I’ll continue to add to the page of “Cycling Tips” that you can use as a resource or if you’re just catching up.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and happy 2013. Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

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