Bikes of the Bunch | Passoni Titanio Puro

by CyclingTips

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going for a ride with the owner of Passoni, Matteo Cassina. Matteo and his family are taking a trip around the globe to visit the different markets, meet with customers, and see what the world has to offer.

Matteo and I went for a leisurely Beach Road ride and he told me more about the history of Passoni. Matteo himself isn’t originally from the cycling industry however. He recently decided to throw away his career in corporate finance and follow his heart by buying into the Passoni family company a short while ago.

Now, before the critics chime in and comment on any imperfections with Matteo’s bike, please keep this in mind. I asked to photograph this bike after our ride (which took a lot of convincing), and it’s been most of the way around the world without a proper wash or tidy up. This is not showbike and it only had a quick wipe-down with babywipes (thus the horrible residue on that beautiful titanium frame).

What’s a bike like this worth? This isn’t a production model but a Passoni titanium frame with a similar spec would run about $13,000 AUD. Add the obligatory lightweights, then you’re quickly approaching the price of a new Hyundai. What a beauty.

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