The Mongolia Bike Challenge – Like No Other Race on Earth

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Last year we featured some coverage on the Mongolia Bike Challenge, 10 Stages in 10 Different Worlds. A documentary of the event has just been released and the film makers have just sent me the video. Any cyclist would be crazy not to put this adventure on their bucket list…

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The Mongolia Bike Challenge presented by Orbea is an epic mountain bike stage race in the Land of Genghis Khan. Each year it attracts both professional and high-level amateur racers from around the world. The long, daily distances and the accumulated climbing makes the MBC one of the toughest races around; the natural, rugged beauty of Mongolia make it ‘Like No Other Race On Earth’.

In the summer of 2012, Canadian videographers Aaron LaRocque and Nic Genovese landed in Ulaan Baator for the start of the third edition of the Mongolia Bike Challenge. The plan was to use their artistic eye, usually reserved for the world of free-ride mountain biking, to capture the beauty and majesty of Mongolia and the essence of the MBC experience. They were also there to tell the story of the race as it unfolded but, of course, came away with much more than a simple race report.

This documentary is an account of the 2012 Mongolia Bike Challenge presented by Orbea. It is told through the eyes of a both the racers and the race organizers who together experienced what proved to be a dramatic, once in a lifetime adventure.

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