His identity is known to only three people: the Pro, the ghost writer, and myself. The writer and myself carry cyanide tablets in case there is a leak, and the pro will ride off into the sunset and will never be heard from again.

What we will hear about is the inside scoop of what the pros are talking about. The things that matter to them, but cannot say publicly. The things that they cannot tell journalists for fear of repercussion. This is where you’ll hear these ramblings.

I can tell you a few things, but I won’t divulge any more. He is a Pro within the ranks of the top teams in world cycling. He has raced multiple Grand Tours, Classics and World Championships, and finished highly in some. We can also tell you that he will be frank and up-front with his opinions and views. He will tell it like it is, without fear or favour, because nobody will know who he is…

The first post will be next week and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.