2012 What You Missed This Morning Photo Competition

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Christmas is quickly approaching and I’m looking forward to completely switching off and recharging my batteries for a couple week. Before I vanish however I’m going to launch the annual “What You Missed This Morning” photo competition.

For those of you who are new here, this “What You Missed…” theme began when I started posting photos of my morning rides. Looking back they were horrible, but people seemed to enjoy it. Somehow this caught on and I still get heaps of photos sent to me of other people’s morning rides. I often see the #WYMTM hashtag on twitter and other blogs have adopted the similar themes. I think it’s fantastic because there’s much more to cycling that action shots of the Pros.

Over Christmas I’d be running the fourth annual What You Missed This Morning Photo Competition. This will provide some escapism to our northern friends enjoying their white Christmas while we’re out riding in our prime season. We also have some terrific prizes that have been donated to help motivate you to start snapping!


You may submit photos into the competition by simply using the twitter or instagram hastag #WYMTM2012 or by uploading here. All photos that make it through moderation will be updated and posted in the gallery that will be seen here once we get some photos begin to come in.

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– Camera phones have come leaps and bounds over the past few years and since nearly everyone has one, I’d like this to be the tool of choice. As Chase Jarvis always says, “the best camera is the one you have with you”,and almost everyone will have a camera phone out with them while riding this Christmas. This levels the playing field and creativity and adventure is what rules.

– I will be moderating all photos that come through and will only be selecting the best.

– Photos that have been heavily manipulated by Photoshop (i.e. subjects are superimposed) will not be accepted. Instagram and app filters are fine to use.

– The theme is “What you missed THIS MORNING (or whatever time during the day)”. I can see from the EXIF data when the photo was taken. I’ll give a little bit of leeway, but I won’t be accepting photos from you summer holiday in France or last month’s trip to Byron Bay.

– Only one submission per person. If your photo does not get make it into the competition the first time you try, feel free to try again.

– Competition closes on January 7th, voting will start shortly after, and I’ll be announcing the winner on January 11. The winners will be picked based on a public reader voting mechanism. Any complications that arise during the competition, I will be the final judge for any rules I need to create or modify. I always set out with these things for just a bit of fun, but once prizes come into the mix, there are always a few people who take these things far too seriously.

– I’m very sorry but the competition prizes on offer are only open to Australian and New Zealand residents. If you’re one of our international guests reading from outside ANZ, please still submit your photos and I will award a CyclingTips jersey/knicks/vest for the winner.


This competition is not about photos from the local crit races or you meeting your favorite Pro. This is about capturing the magic of your ride. Feel free to submit whatever you like, but be aware that your photo of you and Mark Renshaw at the coffee shop will probably not make it through (unless of course Renshaw submits the photo).

Please be careful while shooting and riding! I strongly encourage you to completely stop, compose your photo, and carry on your way. I can’t stress this enough. You’re playing on open roads with traffic. I don’t want to hear about any accidents during Christmas – especially because you were taking photos while riding!

Take LOTS of photos. For every good photo I take, I also have twenty bad ones.

Feel free to post-process. Use a program like Lightroom or Aperture to adjust your contrast, exposure, color, etc. There are lots of excellent iPhone and Android apps as well. Don’t overdo it though!

Make sure you photo is sufficiently large enough. 800px wide is the ideal size. Any smaller and the gallery will try to enlarge and it’ll become pixelated. Please try to make the photo in Landscape framing as portrait does not fit as well into the framework of the gallery.


Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your families and get snapping those photos! I can’t thank you enough for reading each and every day and making it such a spectacular year. All the best in 2013 and ride safe.

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