Welcome to the CyclingTips 2013 Le Tour Tipping Competition

There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned tipping competition to liven things up during a Grand Tour. It heats up the trash talk in the office and it keeps us up late at night with something to get emotional about. Not only is it about the riders in the race, but you’re competing in a race of your own. It’s the closest you’ll ever follow the Tour de France.

We’ve kept the competition simple this year. Simply select one winner for each stage, and you’re on your way!

To access the tipping competition you’ll first need to log into CyclingTips. If you already have a CyclingTips account, log in using that or you can sign up for one now (it’s free!) or simply login using Facebook if you prefer.

There are more than $5,000 worth of prizes available and you can find out all the details here. Click here to read the terms and conditions of entry. To find out how the competition works, click here.