The roads around Stirling are sensational and the race coming through town for six laps made it a great day out for the spectators. It always astounds me how massive time gaps can open up in this stage every year. The climbs aren’t overly difficult, but it was a ripping pace which split the peloton to pieces. It’s a difficult course with long drags, dead roads, and absolutely no rest. Andy Schleck lost nearly 17 minutes and Martin Kohler lost 20 minutes on this scorching hot 38C day.

The cool change comes in tomorrow and it’ll be a fast pace with a tailwind which means there probably won’t even be a breakaway. Watch out for Greipel, Gossy, Kittel, Bossan Hagen and Renshaw duke it out for their second last chance of a sprint finish.

See full race results and report here.

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