Frames For Cancer :: Pegoretti Collaborates With Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

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Dario Pegoretti’s frames carried Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani and Stephen Roche from one triumph to the next. Today everyone can acquire one of these masterpieces of frame design. Pegoretti has been selling his thin-walled, high-volume Columbus steel frames under his own name since 1999. Recently this raw material has been experiencing a renaissance. These bikes are perfectly finished down to the finest detail and present an elegant silhouette.

Nevertheless, Pegoretti is one of the most controversial frame builders of our time. His bikes are unique because of their outstanding paintwork, inspired by contemporary aesthetics. While his work has been celebrated in a major exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City, it is rejected by traditionalists.


Pegoretti recently collaborated with students of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design to create three frames – resulting in a spectacular symbiosis of Italian craftsmanship and outstanding design. The frames are based on the Duende model and are each available for purchase at auction. The money received for these three art frames will be donated to help children suffering from cancer. Three works of art for a very special cause. You can help to help.

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D’acciaio (Of Steel) – A short film on Dario Pegoretti

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