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Lance Armstrong has now turned to the only place left that he can compete – Strava.

Michael Horvath, chief executive officer of Strava, told Bloomberg he has no plans to ban Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping, from posting his rides on Strava.

Some Strava users have called for Armstrong to be banned from the site. “We want to be careful not to become a police state,” Horvath said to Bloomberg. “We are not going to say who can use Strava and who can’t.”

Armstrong’s Strava page bears in the profile-photograph space the image of a cannon above the words, “Come and Take It.” His one-line Strava biography: “According to my rivals, peers, and teammates I won the Tour de France 7 times.”

Not banning Armstrong reflects the openness of Strava. Any user of Strava compete online against each other without without the organised races or even the need to be riding at the same time. Strava users can turn any stretch of road into a race by uploading their GPS data to time their segments and compare against their online rivals.

Lance Armstrong (Discovery), Ivan Basso (CSC) en Jan Ullrich (T-Mobile) during stage 14 of Tour de France 2005 now sniping our Strava segments!

Should Lance be sanctioned from Strava? Or can he have a shot at our KOMs?



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