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This blog started on a whim back in September 2008. I gave it absolutely no thought and simply opened up a Google Blogger account and wanted to write one tip per day on cycling. Looking back it was horrible, but it seemed to fill a need. CyclingTips has evolved into something very different since that time and it’s given me some opportunties that I would have never dreamed of. It probably obvious, but it’s not just me sitting in my boxers at my kitchen table anymore. There are a lot of others who make this possible and some who spend just as much time on it as I do. I want you to meet them.

The newest member of CyclingTips will be starting this week. His name is Matt de Neef and I’ve hired him as our full time Editor. Matt runs his own blog which I’ve followed for years called The Climbing Cyclist. His passion for documenting Australian climbs is so infectious that he’s spawned a series of Dirty Dozen rides all over the country. I encourage you to have a look and even take part in a Dirty Dozen ride.

What I feel will make Matt an superb Editor of CyclingTips is that he comes from one of the finest sites on the web, The Conversation, where we was the deputy editor of the Science & Technology section. I’ve been following Matt’s work in both The Climbing Cyclist and The Conversation for a couple years now and I’m excited that he’ll carry the content you read on CyclingTips to the next level. Matt’s best work is still ahead of him.

Please welcome Matt and you can follow him on

That doesn’t mean that I won’t write anymore. In fact, Matt’s job will free up my time to write more about the stuff I’m interested in. You’ve noticed there are lots of contributors here and Matt will help coordinate and strengthen their work as well as mine. He will also give the site some consistency and more regular content. I simply don’t have the time to take on everything anymore and it’s time that I hand over the reigns to somebody who knows what he’s doing. Most importantly, the overall flavour on CyclingTips will not be changing. It will simply be growing and and getting stronger.

Veeral Patel’s photography has helped build this site into what it’s become and I can’t thank him enough for that. We’ve managed to keep Veeral from going back to his I.T. job and for months now he’s been helping with his photography, his technical skills, managing the Photo of the Day, and working his way through my “to do” list.
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Matt Wikstrom has been our CTech Editor for more than a year now and he’s doing a terrific job. It was important to me that product reviews remain as credible as possible, so I saw it as a necessary step to have a Tech Editor ensure that reviews and advertiser relationships do not overlap. Matt has come up with some fantastic review formats from the CTech Product Picks, attending Industry Expos, to our Featured Reviews where owners of the product can cast their own review. You’ll sometimes still see me writing reviews because of the practicalities of me living in Melbourne and Matt living in Perth, but I’ll always add a disclosure statement so you know what conflicts of interest may exist.
Ankush Agarwal has been a keen reader and commenter here for years and he’s now taken on the task of posting race results. He’s a huge Mark Cavendish fan, loves to ride his bike and is also a keen runner. Not only that, he’s cycling stats geek and solve math problems for a living. Ankush lives in India which is the ideal timezone to be able to get us race results straight after the race so you can wake up to it in the morning. You’ll notice that all major pro and domestic race results will be updated immediately on the left of the homepage where you can filter by nationality or team.
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The technical wizard who makes this all possible is Ben Dunn (App-Fusion), also a mad-keen cycilst. Ben is an Australian living in Japan and I couldn’t ask for a better guy to work with. He doesn’t just do what I ask him, he comes up with brilliant ideas and suggestions on how to make things better.
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Someone else who deserves recognition is Simon Moody (SimpleSime) who does a heap of the design work here. Everywhere from kits, The Secret Pro, the CyclingTips logo, Sime has been here ready to drop everything whenever I ask him for a hand.
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When I first started writing a blog, it became very apparent to me that it can get very boring reading one person’s thoughts all the time. Would you ever want to read a magazine where one person writes all the articles? There have been many contributors who have come and gone and have have contributed some sensational content. I always welcome new contributors, however there is a more consistant set of contributors beginning to form. Jamie Jowett’s “Where are the now?”, Alan McCubbin’s nutrition articles, Jono Lovelock’s insights into the racing scene, Lewis Rattray writing about his European cyclocross escapades along with Paul Alburey’s insights, Dave Everette’s Shoddy Interviews, various Bikes of the Bunch that come through, Le Grimpeur’s News Shorts (coming again soon), Gregor Brown’s pro cycling coverage, Koen de Kort’s “Ask Koen“, Jered & Ashley Gruber, Kristof Ramon, and of course Matt Keenan and Scott McGrory for The Bike Lane. There are probably many more I’m probably forgetting.

Perhaps the biggest change in my life is that I’ve stepped down from my role as General Manager of ANZ at Rapha so that I can focus on CyclingTips. No more safety net, no more paycheque. I’m in this neck-deep and there’s lots more to come.


Wade Wallace