Taipei Cycle D&I Award Winner: The Dream Machine

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The second edition of the Taipei Cycle D & I Awards just came to a close. First prize in the Bicycle section of the Taipei Cycle D&I awards 2013 was “The Dream Machine ” created by Jonny Mole Design of Cittadella, Italy. The bike will be on display at the Tapei International Cycle Show from the 20th-23rd of March.

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It’s not certain what Johnny Mole’s background with cycling is, but if you look at his website you’ll notice that he’s done some work for SMS Santini with the GreenEDGE kit concept design, he created the 2011 Maglia Rosa for the Giro d’Italia, designed the Katusha kit, as well as many other designed based cycling projects.

The Dream Machine design is unmistakable original and would not be UCI legal (which is beside the point). Jonny Mole said, “If you look at the side profile, you recognise it immediately. The geometric design that characterizes the structure called the front Driving Unit , a compact design that includes a uniquely shaped fork, handlebar and stem. Basically, the front part of the bicycle appears as a single block in continuation of the chassis. But all the parts are exactly where they belong. Geometrically you are riding in the classical position. In Driving Unit has been set up housing for an electronic device (bike computers, navigation …).”

The make-up of the Dream Machine was parts from Vision , FSA , Selle Italy and Victoria . For some reason SRAM weren’t named in the credits, even though you can see the SRAM Red levers. We don’t know who is behind the disc brakes.

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What do you think? It looks nearly as wacky as Great Britain’s Olympic road bikes.