UPDATE: February Fifteen Strava Challenge – Australia vs The World

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Nearly 6000 competitors have entered the CyclingTips FebFifteen Strava Challenge. Since Monday almost 20,000 hours have been ridden and we still have the weekend to go!

According to my analysis, Australia is indeed running behind, all we need to do is add more bodies (each of us are punching above our weight). If every Australian cyclist competing the challenge invites two friends to join and we all put in a good chunk of riding on Fri, Sat and Sun, we’ll close down the gap to The World.

6,946 hrs ridden
1,574 riders
4:25:00 average time per rider

12,660 hrs ridden
2,950 riders
4:18:00 average time per rider

Click here to sign up for the FebFifteen Challenge on Strava and be sure to post photos of your efforts on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #FebFifteen.

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