A few hours ago I recieved this email from Jered:

Just got in to Belgium at around 445am after 15hrs of driving…uploading images right now – 6am. Yikes.

Going to bed now for a couple of hours, words to follow. Almost done.

Not sure how you’ll how to organize images – they came from three cameras (see prefixes: 800, 3S1, 3S2 – for the two D3S’s – my new ploy to keep track between cameras).

We stopped in the following spots:

1. Binasco 2. Pontecurone 3. Side of the highway 4. Ovada (SNOW!) 5. Riviera 6. Andora (Capo Mele) 7. Poggio

The Ovada images saved the day…the rest of it was forgettable.

Crazy, crazy day – crazy last 24 hours or so.

Over and out…

I won’t hold Jered and Ashley to writing a story on this one. Jered usually writes 20,000 word emails, so judging by this one he’s pretty cooked. We’ll let their magnificent photos speak for themselves…

UPDATE: Jered just sent me the words to describe his epic day. Since I’ve already published what we have above, head over to his website. It’s worth the read.