2012/13 European cyclocross season in photos

by Matt de Neef

The northern hemisphere’s cyclocross season is finished but to hold you over until the Australian season kicks off, we’d thought we’d look back on some of the European season’s most memorable moments, courtesy of UK-based photographer and cyclocross fan Balint Hamvas. We hope this gets you excited!

Balint works 9 to 5 with Evans Cycles in London but every single weekend during the cyclocross season he drives across to Belgium, shoots the biggest cyclocross races in the world, then heads back home on Sunday evening. The next morning he’s back to work.

Balint used to shoot MTB races but stumbled upon cyclocross back in 2008 and has been hooked since. For Balint the appeal of cyclocross lies in the intensity, the treacherous conditions and the skill of the riders. He also told us that he finds CX convenient to watch and photograph because of the nature of the course. With the riders coming around to the same spot many times, it gives him a chance to experiment with different shots.

The 2012/13 season was the second Balint has spent shooting CX and, in all, he shot more than 30 races. He’s just finished putting together a coffee table book featuring his favourite photos from the season, just like he did after last season. As well as Balint’s photos, the 2012/13 book features the work of five guest writers whom Balint met on his photographic journeys.

We hope you enjoy Balint’s photos. (Captions underneath each photo written by Balint Hamvas).

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