Bikes of the Bunch: Cipollini Bond

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Since 2010 Mario Cipollini has been working to develop a range of high performance road bikes under his name. The bikes are loud and audacious, a lot like Cipo, and this was no more apparent than in last year’s launch of the Cipollini Bond.

The bike was released alongside an over-the-top, James Bond-style promotional video with Cipollini playing the Bond-esque main role himself, of course.

Wade beat me to the punch by photographing one of the bikes in the Cipollini range late last year, the RB1000, but as someone with a deep passion for all things Italian, I was dying to get my hands on one of the Cipollini frames as well.

So when I got a call recently from Fuel Performance saying there was an opportunity to photograph a customer’s Cipollini Bond, I jumped at the chance.

The bike itself is incredibly light, weighing in at 6.94kg with pedals, and is fitted out with a Campagnolo Record groupset and Lightweight Meilenstein carbon wheels. The owner of the bike preferred not to be named, but he has a fine collection of Italian bikes including various models of Colnago equipped with Campagnolo groupsets.

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