In this episode we discuss all the pressing topics:

  • Matt White:  should he get his job back at GreenEDGE? If so, what will it take for him to earn respect from the public?
  • Giro d’Italia:
    • Luke Durbridge – what should we be expecting from the youngest rider of the race?
    • Should Gossy and Howard trade places in GreenEDGE’s leadout train?
    • If you were as fast as Cav, would you bring your baby daughter onto the podium?
  • Weekend Warrior presented by Champion Systems: Who’s your pick?
  • What’s on your mind? Strava: with it or against it?
  • The Hot Lap: Tiffany Cherry sets the first Hot Lap time on our 900m circuit around Yarra Blvd.
  • Target Healthy Living: Gym exercises for roadies.
  • Where the hell is Mick Rogers?
  • The Board Meeting: Classics or Grand Tours – which do you prefer?

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Special thanks to Malachi Moxon for allowing us to film the show in Northside Wheelers. Also, thank you to The Sweetshop, our production partner.

Audio Note: There are a couple audio issues on The Hot Lap that we’re currently fixing.