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Welcome back to another episode of the Bike Lane. As the Giro gets started we’ve brought back our panelist who has ridden the Giro himself, Will Walker, to get some inside perspectives. We also introduce our new Hot Lap segment featuring sports commentator and media personality Tiffany Cherry (not to mention a gun cyclist). We interview Mick Rogers to answer your question, “Where the hell has Mick been”, get a VIS coach’s tips about gym work for road riders, we go back into the Boardroom to ask the questions: Grand Tours or Classics – which do you prefer? Last but not least, we discuss the Matt White situation after his suspension has been lifted. Enjoy!

In this episode we discuss all the pressing topics:

  • Matt White:  should he get his job back at GreenEDGE? If so, what will it take for him to earn respect from the public?
  • Giro d’Italia:
    • Luke Durbridge – what should we be expecting from the youngest rider of the race?
    • Should Gossy and Howard trade places in GreenEDGE’s leadout train?
    • If you were as fast as Cav, would you bring your baby daughter onto the podium?
  • Weekend Warrior presented by Champion Systems: Who’s your pick?
  • What’s on your mind? Strava: with it or against it?
  • The Hot Lap: Tiffany Cherry sets the first Hot Lap time on our 900m circuit around Yarra Blvd.
  • Target Healthy Living: Gym exercises for roadies.
  • Where the hell is Mick Rogers?
  • The Board Meeting: Classics or Grand Tours – which do you prefer?

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Special thanks to Malachi Moxon for allowing us to film the show in Northside Wheelers. Also, thank you to The Sweetshop, our production partner.

Audio Note: There are a couple audio issues on The Hot Lap that we’re currently fixing. 

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