CyclingTips kit: final clear-out

by CyclingTips

Everyone who pre-ordered should have now received their new CyclingTips kit. However, I have a few leftovers on-hand that I’m clearing out. This is the last of the fluro kit that we’ll be ordering, so if you want it, there are only few bits left.

The kit is made by Giordana and is unapologetically inspired by the 2012 Farnese-Vini kit. Now that a good chunk of the Fantini-Vini team has tested positive for EPO, we now know the radioactive yellow color was all about.

You can purchase the following items in the store:

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Arm Warmers


The Giordana Bodyclone FRC fit is very snug and I’d highly recommend you go up one size from a typical Australian, UK or US fit. I normally wear a large jersey/knicks and I’m a XL jersey/knicks in this Giordana Bodyclone FRC. However, the vest seems to have a more typical fit – I’m a Large in the vest. Everyone else has the same feedback.

Payment can be made by credit card or paypal.


You too could look like this (the fluro does not come through properly in photographs):