Kristof Ramon’s Giro d’Italia

by CyclingTips

We know the Giro d’Italia has been finished for more than a week, and we know we’ve already published a whole bunch of photos from the race, but we couldn’t pass up these shots from Kristof Ramon. The days gone by doesn’t matter, because these are timeless.

While much of the cycling photography you see is of victory salutes, sweeping vistas and bunched-up pelotons, Kristof always manages to find a unique perspective when shooting races. That’s not to say we don’t like finish line photos or shots of amazing snow-capped mountains as the riders pass by, but Kristof’s photos always seem to offer something different.

Besides his technical skills and his ability to see things that other photographers don’t, what makes Kristof such a great photographer is his personality and his ability to engage his subjects. You might think photography is all about f-stops, shutter speeds and equipment, but as Kristof’s photos show it’s as much about the person behind the lens and how they engage with their subject.

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