We were all standing around the finish line when we heard a massive scratch/boom! The Orica-GreenEDGE bus hit the finish line gantry while arriving late to the end of the course. The gantry is lowered after the advertising caravan comes through and I was surprised to see the OGE bus there at this late stage of the race. In a press release, Matt White explained: "The bus was led under the finish gantry, and it we took for granted that there was enough clearance. We’ve had this bus since we started the team, and it’s the same bus we took to the Tour last year. Our bus driver was told to move forward and became lodged under the finish gantry. He followed all instructions in the process that followed thanks to the hard work by ASO that allowed him to remove the bus before the finish. It was the best possible outcome given the situation." According to reports, GreenEDGE was fined 2000CHF for the incident with the late bus. Jokes aside, it wasn't GreenEDGE's fault for the mishap. It was chaos getting accredited vehicles to finish area and lots of miscommunication from the road marshalls.

GreenEDGE Comes (Un)stuck

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The Orica-GreenEdge team were hit with a fine of 2,000 Swiss Francs (US$2,116) after their bus blocked the finish line to Saturday’s opening stage of this year’s Tour de France, leading to a chaotic finale.

Organisers proposed moving the finish line forward by three kilometres before eventually clearing the bus, which had become stuck under a gantry right at the end of the stage.

That allowed them to revert to the original race plan, but not before confusion among the peloton led to a mass crash six kilometres from the end.

Organisers blamed Orica-GreenEdge for “not respecting the timetable put in place for auxiliary team vehicles arriving at the stage finish.”

All kidding aside, it was not GreenEDGE’s fault for this. It was chaos for accredited vehicles to get into the finish area with miscommunication amongst the organisers and police, and there were few side roads from the startline to make the finish in time.

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