Shimano releases new Di2 Ultegra 11-speed groupset

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This week Shimano released their much anticipated Ultegra Di2 11 speed which incorporates their Dura Ace 9070 series technology. Not only that, they also released new Ultegra wheelsets and cyclocross & hydraulic road disc brake componentry. This may be another example of Shimano’s Ultegra groupset leading the way with new product designs eventually to trickle up to their Dura Ace flagship groupset.

Ultegra 6870 Di2 – What’s new

If you’re familiar with Dura Ace 9070 Di2, you’ll be happy to know that all its refinements and features trickles down to the new Ultegra 6870 in this upgrade:

Improved Ergonomics for better comfort and control

  • Improved ergonomics for easier access to the shift buttons from the top of the hoods – Programmable multi-shift function
  • Additional terminals for increased shift options (eg. climbing shifters, sprint shifters, TT bar shifters, etc). Easy to add satellite shifters to bar tops or in drops
  • Cleaner wiring due to single wire junction connections

Additional Triathlon/ TT Spec for Shifting at both Aero Extension and Base Bar.

  • Offers same braking control as Dura Ace ST-9071
  • Reach adjustment to fit a wider range of users hands
  • Aluminum brake lever

Precise, smaller motor creates a fast, smooth, silent and accurate shift on both chainrings, every shift.

  • New wire routing for a cleaner appearance
  • Programmed Automatic trimming function
  • Support bolt for increased rigidity and shift performance for outward shifting (big chainring)

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Precise, smaller motor creates faster, smoother, quieter and accurate shifts across entire 11spd cassette.

  • Whatever the conditions, press the shift button and RD performs, no disruption.
  • New wire routing for neater appearance
  • Automatic crash protection moves cage out of harms way after an impact to limit damage
  • Wide link design for rigidity in RD to improve shift quality
  • Programmable multi shift function for customized shifting preferences
  • Wider Gear Range for increased usage and application – 32T compatible on GS cage

Customisation and programability:

  • Customised shifting positions and shifting functions (ability to set shifting controls to suit riders preferences and needs. For example, you can make any shift button do whatever type of shift you desire.
  • E-Tube System – users can upgrade firmware, change shift positions, run diagnositcs, etc from their PC.

Cyclocross & Onroad Disc Brakes

Mountain bikes and nearly every other wheeled vehicle on earth have been using disc brakes for years. It’s no secret that they perform better than a calliper brakes. Some pockets of cyclocross have been quick to adopt disc brakes at the professional and recreational level,  but it remains to be seen how they’re received in the road market. Advantages include later braking into corners and more consistant braking in poor weather conditions.

In the new R785 series Di2/hydraulic disc brake system, Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting is utilized, while ICE Technologies hydraulic disc brake heat management systems integrate aluminum materials in disc brake rotors and disc brake pads to radiate out heat by up to 200 degrees to ensure consistent, dependable braking performance regardless of conditions.


For more information, go to Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 website.

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