The truth about dishonesty

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A couple days ago I wrote my opinion on Stuart O’Grady’s admission to doping, and upon reflection I would have said it much differently (it’s the last time I write about such a controversial topic during a 15 minute layover in HK airport!).

In any case it was an interesting discussion and one reader left a comment which linked to this superbly illustrated video which features Dan Ariely (Professor of Psychology & Behavioural Economics at Duke University) talking about the behavioural economics and mechanisms at work behind dishonest behaviour.

One of the most interesting lessons at work is understanding our capacity to think of ourselves as honest – even when we act dishonestly.

If you think about this in the context of athletes doping, the fundamentals of this lecture could prove to be insightful.

You can see the full lecture here, and the podcast of the full event including Q&A here.

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