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The world is mobile and there’s no turning back. I think we can all agree that after the new site design was launched which broke the previous mobile version of CyclingTips, the site was nearly un-navigatable on a smartphone. I didn’t even want to use it. Well I’ve finally got around to doing something about it…

Introducing the new CyclingTips mobile. Now you can have an enjoyable experience consuming all the content on this site via your smartphone. Features, news, results, photography…it’s all there.

I’ve left tablets to display same as the desktop site as I still think it is better that way. If you still feel that the desktop site is a better way to view on your mobile (which I highly doubt), there’s the option to switch it at the bottom of the screen.

Please let me know if you have any problems with it or suggestions for improvement. There are a couple known problems that we’re still working on, but they should be fixed shortly.

Thanks for reading!