Iacuone & Jacobs claim inaugural National Cyclo-cross titles

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One hundred and forty riders converged on Cranwell Park in Melbourne’s western suburbs on Saturday to contest the inaugural Cycling Australia Cyclo-cross National Championships.

Weather conditions were ideal, with barely a cloud in sight and very little wind, however, persistent rain in Melbourne during the week left the purpose-built course was quite muddy and slippery. These conditions combined with a very hilly and technical course tested the fitness and skill levels of all riders.

The elite women’s national title was taken out by Victoria’s Lisa Jacobs, who despite claiming the 2012 National Cyclo-cross Series (NCXS), her Cyclo-cross results had been quite modest this season.

“I got sick at the start of the year and missed the first two rounds of the NCXS and was no longer in the running for that,” explained Jacobs. “Therefore, my coach (Donna Rae Szalinski) and I put together a program to nail the Nationals instead and it worked.

“I’m ecstatic,” Jacobs added.

2013 Cyclo Cross Nationals

2013 NCXS leader Rowena Fry took the silver medal, with Melissa Anset pocketing the bronze.

The elite men’s event loomed on paper as a very even field, and that is exactly how it unfolded, with six different race leaders at various stages during the sixty minute event – Garry Milburn, Sid Taberlay, Paul Van Der Ploeg, Peter Hatton, Adrian Jackson and Allan Iacuone.

However, Iacuone forged clear of his competition in the final fifteen minutes of racing to record a comprehensive victory which gave the Victorian his second Australian title after claiming the Australian road title in 1994.

“I fell in love with Cyclo-cross two years ago,” remarked Iacuone. “I was always hoping that I could win the national title, but never really thought I could.

“It’s just amazing. I’m speechless!,” he added.

Second place was taken by a very gallant Adrian Jackson and third to Nick Both who charged through the field in the final stages.

The Cyclo-cross action continues in Melbourne on Sunday at the Darebin Parklands, where Dirty Deeds Cyclo-cross will host the fifth and final round of the 2013 National Cyclo-cross Series.

The action kicks off at 10am, with the Elite Women and Elite Men taking centre stage at 2:10pm and 3:10pm respectively.

The Cyclo-Cross National Championships are presented by Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia in conjunction with Cycling Victoria.

(via CA press release)

Women’s Results

1. Lisa JACOBS (VIC) AUS19810917 42:35
2. Rowena FRY (TAS) AUS19821208 +2:27
3. Melissa ANSET (VIC) AUS19750416 +2:55
4. April MCDONOUGH (VIC) AUS19870417 +3:20
5. Tory THOMAS (VIC) AUS19780902 +3:40
6. Claire AUBREY (ACT) AUS19800817 +4:52
7. Lindsay GORRELL (NSW) AUS19861012 +5:11
8. Jenni KING (VIC) AUS19790914 +5:25
9. Carla FRANSON (SA) AUS19950515 +6:36
10. Ruby ROSEMAN-GANNON (VIC) AUS19981108 +7:14


Elite Men’s Results

1. Allan IACUONE (VIC) AUS19731022 1h03:50
2. Adrian JACKSON (VIC) AUS19830718 +11
3. Nick BOTH (NSW) AUS19820129 +37
4. Paul VAN DER PLOEG (VIC) AUS19891109 +1:00
5. Peter HATTON (WA) AUS19830323 +1:57
6. Andrew BLAIR (NSW) AUS19790609 +2:08
7. Garry MILLBURN (NSW) AUS19870202 +2:24
8. Lewis RATTRAY (VIC) AUS19890723 +3:13
9. Steven CUSWORTH (VIC) AUS19870615 +3:24
10. Sid TABERLAY (NSW) AUS19800122 +4:32


Master’s Men Results

1. Joshua SMITH (SA) AUS19810221 44:46
2. Scott WINES (NSW) AUS19770820 +26
3. Lucas SPROSON (VIC) AUS19771209 +29
4. Leigh DE LUCA (VIC) AUS19770109 +1:08
5. Timothy BATEMAN (NSW) AUS19741225 +1:09
6. Mathew GRAY (VIC) AUS19820701 +2:03
7. Mark MOS (VIC) AUS19740201 +2:23
8. Jason BUTLER (VIC) AUS19761011 +2:24
9. Mikkeli GODFREE (VIC) AUS19790702 +2:36


Master’s Women Results

1. Jenny MACPHERSON (VIC) AUS19770421 39:29
2. Maartje MUNSTERMAN (VIC) AUS19790108 +2:12
3. Annabel COX (SA) AUS19700111 +3:01
4. Gemma KERNICH (SA) AUS19750529 +3:51
5. Diane NELSON (VIC) AUS19711216 +4:10
6. Nicole WHITBURN (VIC) AUS19780919 +5:10
7. Rebecca WILLIAMSON (VIC) AUS19780209 +6:21
8. Bianca PICKETT (VIC) AUS19741227 +1 lap +0
9. Jade FORSYTH (VIC) AUS19790712 +0
10. Shelley GREEN (VIC) AUS19820610 +3:06


Junior Men Results

1. Chris HAMILTON (VIC) AUS19950518 48:43
2. Tom CHAPMAN (SA) AUS19950702 +2:28
3. Liam JEFFRIES (VIC) AUS19980705 +4:05
4. Nicholas SMITH (NSW) AUS19970801 +4:21

see here for full results for all categories

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