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The tipping peloton rolled out with some minor difficulties caused primarily by us pulling a “Phil Ligget” and confusing Dan and Tony Martin. Ten brave souls took the bait and tipped Dan Martin (don’t worry, we’ve sorted all of this).

Tony Martin was by far the most commonly selected rider with 67 tips. We opted to save Martin, but agreed that OPQS was looking the goods. A total of 24 people selected Spartacus.

Kristof Vandewalle was tipped by 16 people…all of whom find themselves nearly three minutes down. Not a good start. In total, Vandewalle caused 46’40” worth of damage to the tipping peloton. But the egg of the day goes to Baden Cooke! Only 9 people selected Cookie, but he lost over six minutes for a total of 54’36”. Chapeau!

One person managed to select Theo Bos who went a bit too hard on the Sangria last night and didn’t make it to the start line due to low cortisol levels. Hmmm…

At the front end, it’s the Astana tippers: Brajkovic, Kangert, Grivko, Fuglsang and Nibali. Tough call taking Nibali on a day like this, but tipper Thim Steen Jensen took the plunge and was rewarded for his efforts.

Nick Brown, Ross Culloty and Bianca Ehmke are in equal first, Thim Steen Jensen and Dan Collins are in fourth and fifth respectively. Dom Geoghegan, Colin Cheng, James Fox, Ben OMalley and Zach Tempany are in equal sixth position. Rounding out the top 13, we have Brian Young, Olly Harris and Damien Pryzbxylzirski in 11th.

Woody from VeloTipper went with Stybar. In his words, “I picked Zybar from OPQS purely because I think he will finish in the last five of the strongest team and won’t be a whole lot of use later in the Vuelta.” Good strategy, and probably accurate.

We’ll be looking to some other tippers as the week goes on for previews and insight. We have some heavyweights in the competition and they will no doubt add some excellent colour.

Watch this space.


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