Interview with Aaron Brown AKA UCI_Overlord

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If there’s one thing that Pro Cycling is never short of, it’s self-induced drama. If you’ve been following, one of the more intriguing sub-plots of the year was that of the Paul Kimmage Fund going missing after over 3000 donations poured in to help with his defense against the Pat McQuaid/Hein Verbruggen/UCI lawsuit.

Aaron Brown (a.k.a. the @UCI_Overload on twitter) was at the center of this scandal along with his associate Lesli Cohen and of course Paul Kimmage. While Cohen and Kimmage have been quite prominent in the media, not much has been heard from Aaron Brown who walked away from Twitter in May of this year.

If you want some background to the whole debacle, there are a couple informative articles by Joe Lindsay and Shane Stokes that set the scene.

A website went live yesterday which Aaron created in order to facilitate the return of remaining funds from Paul Kimmage Defense Fund. If you’ve been following Paul Kimmage or Lesli Cohen’s twitter timeline, they have a different view on the intentions of this website. I don’t know which is true and quite frankly, everyone involved is proving to have questionable judgement. For some balance, here is the statement that was just released in response to Aaron Brown’s website to give the Paul Kimmage funds back to over 3000 donors.

Last night I spoke with Aaron Brown who lives in Girona over Skype. The point of this interview wasn’t to dispel the “he said she said” disputes or to get justifications on what happened. I don’t know what’s true, what’s not and I don’t take one side or the other. That’s for the courts to decide. I simply wanted to hear what he had to say about the whole thing since he’s been quiet for so long. This is the first interaction I’ve had with Aaron (aside from a couple tweets) and I’ve always been curious about how a “nobody” in the cycling world got to the point where he’s gotten involved in the politics of cycling and attended the UCI Congress (which he claims that he was invited to by the UCI). The world is a fascinating place in this day and age.

I’ll be writing up the Q&A transcript shortly, but here is the audio from the interview I did with Aaron last night.