In this episode we cover the following topics:

  • Our heros and villains from the 2013 pro cycling season.
  • If you were a team manager, would you sign Chris Horner? (note that Europcar reportedly offered Horner €750k which he rejected.
  • Wilson Kipsang recently ran a 2:03:23 marathon for a world record in Berlin. That’s 2:55 kilometer pace, or 17 seconds per 100m. Incredible. But should he suffer the same scrutiny as Chris Froome or Chris Horner?
  • Caffeine: Is it good or bad for your riding? We certainly like to think it’s good on so many levels…
  • The Hot Lap: SKCC Club criterium champ David Loakes goes head to head with rival CCCC club champion, Luke Parker.
  • Disc Brakes. Do you want them?

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Special thanks to our new season sponsor, Malachi Moxon for opening his doors for us to film the show in Northside Wheelers. Also, thank you to The Sweetshop, our production partner.