In this episode:

  • We speak to Simon Gerrans about what it was like to wear the yellow jersey and what prompted him to hand it to Daryl Impey. We also ask Gerro, are you The Secret Pro?
  • Track cycling season has started, but is anyone listening?
  • We sit down with Huon Genesys Pro Cycling protégé Jack Haig and talk about his future. Watch this space folks – he’s gonna be a star.
  • Cramping. Forget all the expensive supplements and start training more. Dr Andrew Garnham explains.
  • Caleb Ewan announced this week that he’s secured a contract with Orica-GreenEDGE. but not right away. We speak to Caleb to find out why.

“…To be quite frank the current line-up of experts who feel they have the right to criticise riders performances need to pull their heads in, get on a bike and have a crack at the races themselves if they think they can do a better job.” -Phil Anderson


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Special thanks to our new season sponsor, Malachi Moxon for opening his doors for us to film the show in Northside Wheelers. Also, thank you to The Sweetshop, our production partner.