RaceDots: a magnetic race number positioning system

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Here’s what the inventors of RaceDots had to say about their magnet race number positioning system:

Our objective was simple: to hold a number plate in place without damaging our clothing (and look good doing it). We wanted a design that was as simple as a button and as durable as steel. With over 40 years combined experience in cycling and running events and motivated by countless holes in our favorite jerseys, tank tops and shorts, our team began experimenting with alternatives.

We tried various snaps, micro-velcro, double-sided tape and finally magnets. Once we started playing with rare-earth magnets, it was clear they would be at the core of our solution. Field testing at events began early in 2013, and soon we narrowed down the size and strength magnets that would offer the best performance and durability, lowest weight and easiest handling by fingers big and small.

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