This page features a guide to taking part in the 2014 Santini Spring Classics Tipping Competition. To get a basic overview of the competition click here. To read the competition’s terms and conditions click here. And click here to return to the 2014 Santini Spring Classics Tipping Competition home page.

Logging in

Follow this link to get to the 2014 Spring Classics tipping competition login page. In order to take part in the competition you’ll need a CyclingTips login. If you’ve got one already, follow the link above then enter your details at the login page.

If you haven’t got a login, follow the link above and click “Register for an account”. After filling your details you’ll be sent an email containing a link to activate your account. This will then redirect you to the tipping competition dashboard.

You can also join the competition using your Facebook account. Simply click “Login with Facebook” at the login page and follow the prompts.


The 2014 Santini Spring Classics Tipping Competition features the ability to host your own ‘comp within a comp’ with private Pools.

You can join as many or as few different tipping Pools as you please. You can create a Pool for your mates, you can join the CyclingTips Default Pool or you can join one of a number of public Pools. The only catch is that you still only receive one official entry into the CyclingTips Competition.

When you first log in, you are presented with the tipping dashboard. If you haven’t joined any Pools, then you will see a popup that tells you the different Pools you can join.

If you have a group of mates, it’s probably best to create your own Pool. Simply select “Create Pool” and come up with a clever name. Don’t worry, only you and your mates can see the name. If you want to invite people via email, add their email addresses. You can always invite more people later. The Pool Description field can be used to set out any rules or prizes you might want to add.

After you submit the Pool, a window appears confirming the unique competition URL. To invite your mates to join your Pool, simply send them the link. They will click through to the tipping Pool home page and they can click the “Join Pool” button (top left) and you are all in business.

If you want to join the CyclingTips Default Pool, simply click in to the Pool home page. Once there, click “Join Pool” at the top left and you’re in business.

To join one of the other public Pools is equally simple. Just find the Pool you want to join on the dashboard and click into it. Once there, click “Join Pool” at the top left and you’re in business.

The Primary Pool — your entry into the official competition — defaults to the first Pool that you join. You can change this by clicking “Set Primary” next to the Pool that you want to count as your entry into the official competition. Note that this can’t be changed after the first race starts.

So you’ve managed to join a tipping Pool and you want to start tipping. It’s easy. Log in to CyclingTips and head over to the tipping dashboard. Then click into your Pool. On the left hand side there is a navigation menu listing all of the stages. This is the main navigation menu that you will use.

To tip for a particular race, simply click on that race name. You’re taken to the race home screen, which has a short race description and a profile. Below that, there’s a list of all the riders. To tip your riders, simply click those riders’ names. Eventually the riders are highlighted and in the left-hand side navigation bar it indicates who you have tipped. Simple. To change your tip, simply click another rider.


If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via email here.