Allan Iacuone – back smashing it after 20 years

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Allan Iacuone may not be a name you’ve heard in the news in recent times, but back when he was racing professionally nearly 20 years ago, he was one of Australia’s brightest stars. Widely known as one of the nicest, most modest guys to ever ride on two wheels, Allan (or Alby as everyone calls him) won the Australian National Road Championships 20 years ago. Not only that, after taking a liking to Cyclocross, he won the Australian National Cyclocross Championships this year. Yesterday, after a 10 year hiatus from racing, Alby quickly whipped himself into form and had another crack – making the early break and hanging on until it blew apart. With much different expectations this time around, I sat down with Alby and reflected on what this race meant to him.

You can read more about Allan Iacuone here and contact him about Breaking Away Coaching here.

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